The Official CAG 2018 Pick-Ups Thread

You must have been waiting all year to post this thread!


Just got this in the mail sealed.

I would have been happy with a red version. Blanka is pretty sweet too though.


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Arctis 3 bluetooth from Steelseries, VGM box, Craigslist trade. He got a complete in box Uncharted 4 PS4 headset, a brand new Fire Emblem Echoes Special Edition for 3DS, and a brand new FE Warriors Limited Edition for Switch. They were my extra copies.


labtop from walmarts switch games from amazon, dragon quest 8 from bestbuy
 battery for sp and nes clone pocket from amazon. 360 game from gamestop
i just recently sold smash n64 i found hunting and the buyer is saying the game just shows a blue screen. i am pretty sure i tested this copy before i listed it and it was working fine. do n64 games even blue screen? i never had that happen before. should i just offer them a return and get the item back?

A pretty IMO mehhhh Loot Gaming Box, seriously not 1 item I was interested in for my collection. Planet Earth II 4k Blueray because I havent actually bought any 4k discs yet.


i just got this rockman x game from ebay from a super famicom lot. everything on the board looks real when i compare it to a ntsc cart but it has this wire. does anyone know what the wire is there for and/or why someone added?



New laptop, 8TB HDD that was sent back because it didnt have the ac adapter or usb cable in the box despite being sealed, VGM box, Splatoon JoyCons, Xbox gift card, 4TB HDD


Wal-Mart clearance pickups. $79 for TV, $15 Gold headset and $0.03 cent games.[attachment=29502:20180131_215313.jpg]
You sure it's not fake? It shouldn't have wires like that.
yeah that is what i thought at first too but the chips match my ntsc copy. just glad this was on a game i already have. probably going to leave the seller a neutral feedback since they haven't responded

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New tv stand, Sea Of Thieves controller, Bayonetta combo, and 4ft led strip from Best Buy. Loot Gaming box. Switch Pro controller and JoyCon Kontrol Freek sticks.


Not the best first experience with VGM... I wouldnt have paid more then $20 for this box at a yard sale. Oh well.

I didn't realize they sent disc games without original cases.

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Got some of dem Vita games.


Finally imported some JPN PS4 games when Ebay had that 15 off 75 deal again. 

Star Wars Original Trilogy on BR was at Target for $15.

Cappy keychain and Daisy amiibo from GS. Using the base from Daisy to make a mini Mario cereal amiibo. Air Jordan 9 Retro from Nike (durrr). (not pictured) Kirby Star Allies is out for delivery!


Detective Pikachu amiibo, smart wifi plugs, VGM box, Mario JoyCon grip, Mario red JoyCons, and a copy of Spiderman Homecoming that Sony sent me for doing a survey.


Had a Gamestop B2G1 coupon that was set to expire at the end of the month so I grabbed Dragon Quest Heroes (Switch), Doom (Switch) and Pokken Tournament (Switch). Was trying to hold out for a copy of Kirby but nowhere around here is getting any used ones and I was afraid I'd forget about the coupon. Had a 75 gift card I got for 65 last week on Paypal Deals to make it an even better deal. Effectively 78 for all 3 games or 26 each. I can live with that for these. While there I also noticed a yellow left joy con. My left joy con has been acting up a bit lately so I grabbed it for 24 after a 5.00 preowned coupon I had.

Guides came from library donations, $1 apiece. Amiibo cards from Target, $1.78 apiece. Playstation CD binder I bought off a coworker for $1. Ipod Shuffle cables from Amazon, $7. And Air Jordan 32 from Nike.


got a nice sega genesis haul today. paid almost what they are worth but labels are in great shape except one. took a chance and brought another copy of revenge of shinobi and it turned out to be version 1.00


i got all the 5 seasons of detective conan for $49 i also got this r.o.d. tv series with the movie and figure for $90. i usually dont spend this much on anime but volume 1 collector's set is sealed and i sold a item which basically made it free. might try selling the one volume since i seen it sell for much more used though it had all the discs inside instead of just volume 1.



i also got all this for $40

wavebird $7

expanision pak $3 rumble pal $3

gamecube controller $5

pokemon snap $14

dreamcast controller $5



i also got ni no kuni ii king's edition it was a fun game i still got to go back and complete side quests


bread's done