The Official CAG 2019 Pick-Ups Thread

Guess Ill start off the pics. Wii stuff was from CL guy-$20. Nothing that great except for Bomberman Land complete. Got some aluminum bat tops for my Arcade1Up machine. Picked up the white Playstation Nikes even though they arent as cool as the grey ones. Had another GS giftcard so I picked up some more N64 games for the collection.


I'll add the pics later:

The Crew: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One)

Update: I'll have to exchange THPS 5 for another game, tried installing it several times to no avail.

Facebook Marketplace deal. The games in the top two rows could use or need resurfacing, the bottom two rows are fine. Final Fantasy X-2, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance II, Dragon Quest VIII, Summoner 2, and Shadow Hearts From the New World are incomplete. Dark Cloud case comes with manual but actually has Dark Cloud 2 game inside. Fantastic surprise as I already own Dark Cloud. All were $36 total ($2 each). Saw the listing 22 minutes after it was posted and rushed immediately to meet the seller a half hour away. I was late for work but it was so worth it!


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Firat pickup worth noting in forever. Stopped at a pawn shop I used to hit a lot but I rarely am near anymore. Found a few gems

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U) 14.99. Never see this for a good price but all their Wii U games were cheap.
Shovel Knight Amiibo 9.99. Not an Amiibo fan but love Shovel Knight.
KOTOR 2 (Xbox) 2.99. A few scratches but should work. This will pay for the lot so it's a win
Big a$$ catch up post incoming! I think Ill make it 2 posts. Kirby Otamatone from Amazon, SRG bundle, 2 Switch game cases that I made into 1 awesome case, Brawler64 controllers, Yooka-Laylee collectors edition, SGR #12.


Part 2- VGM box #1, Facebook Marketplace pickup- 31 games, SNES with controllers and cables, Gamecube with controller and cables. Paid $200 for everything, probably shouldve went lower. Everything needed opened up and cleaned, smelled like cigs. Had to superglue all the screw legs back onto the SNES since they broke off. Its also missing the cartridge slot flap somehow. Games all work, SNES works except 1 controller and the reset button, the Gamecube boots up but doesnt spin discs. Got the 3 new Amiibo from Amazon, Starlink from Best Buy for $20 shipped after a discount and $5 coupon, VGM box #2, N64 games from GS's Buy 3 For $20 sale, and a way better $200 Facebook Marketplace bundle- N64 with expansion pak, cables, jumper pak, box, CIB Majoras Mask!, Mario Party 1 and 2, Bomberman 64, and Bomberman 64 The Second Attack!. Was gonna trade a subwoofer and cash for the bundle but the guys receiver broke so I offered $200 for everything. Brought my Nintendo screwdriver to check the games, all legit!


Not pictured- bought a door hanging shoe rack to finally get all my shoes off the floor. Also bought a pair of Air Jordan 1 Defiants. Pictured- new cartridge shelf from Target (yes I know I put the back on backwards!) and VGM box.


Mall I work at lost the Gamestop but gained the local used game store. First 2 pics are from there- about $100. SNES bundle was from Facebook Marketplace- $120. Picked up an Echo stand from Amazon. N64 games from a GS b2g1 sale on retro games last week- $186 after sales and Elite Pro discounts.


Hey a non Nintendo FB Marketplace pickup today! $50. Its like mint condition. They started at $75 and I had to explain FB isnt Ebay so they lowered the price.


Another week, another round of N64 games/stuff. More N64 games from the used gamestore, damn them for moving right by my work! I decided to knock the WCW/WWF games off my list. Castlemania package- SupaBoy SFC, 7in1 portable charging cable, sealed Dreamcast memory card, spice orange Eon GCHD hdmi adapter, I also preordered the Genesis/Saturn Brawlerpad. Tiny Converse AllStars for my nephews 1st bday. More N64 games and Yoshi from GS. Fatal Fury Special was from the gamestore, thing is like mint condition! Gamecube games and another Charlies Blast from the gamestore. Geist and WaveRace were "brand new" but they pulled a GS and used the last copies as displays so they had taken the plastic off to take the disc out to put behind the counter. She said "we can reseal it for you".......I said, "naw its not the same but I want them anyways". 1080 is also complete.


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Kindle from bestbuy's sale last month 8 gigabyte model was all they had left

cheapo speaker from dollar store,  unravel 2 and Penguin wars and overboard blu ray from amazon,

rechargeable fan, switch games and best of dbz  dvd from walmarts

Another meaty catch up post. N64 games from GS, GBA to GC cable from Amazon, Wii sensor from Slackers, SD to GC memory card adapter from Ebay. Atari Jaguar, $200 from FB Marketplace. Guy use to work at the local gamestore and has had it since. Got him down from $250 because he didnt have any games for it. Have a couple games coming from Ebay. Guy said he'd take it back if somethings wrong, I think its okay, its super clean outside and inside. N64 bundle was $235 shipped from Ebay, needed some stuff for my collection. Bought the GB and GBA Everdrives from Stone Age Gamer to use with GameBoy Interface on my GC.


And Im falling behind once again.......but apparently noone else has posted since I last did! I do have to mention that I find it hilarious that every time I upload pics to IMGUR I get some little 16 year old trying to inform me about emulators/roms or that Im wasting money buying old games. Also the same losers down voting the pics......sorry I didnt post some stupid little meme! Pics- new braided ethernet cable from Kontrol Freek, Atari 2600 bundle I traded for a Playboy light and a Miller High Life light that I only had $15 into, N64 and Jaguar games from Ebay/GS/gamestore, VGM Box #1, more N64 games from gamestore, 40 Winks regular and collectors edition.


N64 games from gamestore, PC games were in a box of stuff donated to the library I work at, Jaguar Svideo cable from Ebay, VGM box #2


Okay Ill post again I guess, Detective Pikachu figures, card, poster from Target. Other card from Gamestop. More N64 from the local gamestore. Up to 179. Earthlock Collectors Edition from Super Rare Games.


Finally got around to getting new shells/buttons on all my GameBoys! GBAs got 101 backlit screens as well. They turned out so good. Old colors- GB was og grey, GBC was grape purple, GBAs were black and fuchsia, GBASP was light blue.


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Here Juan, I'm finally posting pick ups from several months. Fking Photobucket is broken again. Back to Imgur. 


The last Vita games sold through a retail


Dat time when Amazon had the CE for $35. 



Obligatory LRG pick ups plus Vblank.


Got these from Goodwill for about $6.70ish. Very surprised. 

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Well I went a little crazy at Target and bought a bunch of Detective Pikachu cards and the Bulbasaur POP. At least I got a $25 giftcard for buying so many "toys". I used that and my RedCard to get a PS Classic for $2.87! The Charmander POP came from Amazon. Sooo many duplicates now. I need Ditto, Mewtwo, the Walmart promo Bulbasaur, and the movie theater promo Pikachu. I also picked up more N64 games from the local game store for $50ish but didnt take pics- MK SubZero Mythologies, All Star Baseball 99 and 2001, both Ken Griffey baseball games, and Fighter Destiny 2.


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Hey more Nintendo cartridges! Local game store has B2G1 coupons that print out on Schnucks receipts so Im gonna keep using them!


Pokemon were on sale from Amazon. Bought Coco and Spiderman Into the Spiderverse from FamilyVideo. I got the 4k version of Into the Spiderverse just days later after placing the FV order, so now I have to get rid of it. LOL.

Art Books from Amazon.

Wal-Mart actually fkd up and mispriced Days Gone to 19.99. Had to get it. The LEGO Movie 2 was $5 from Amazon. 

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More N64 games from the local gamestore. Up to 201 games! Also picked up the DS stuff from ole Craigslist guy since I hadnt bought anything from him in awhile. Top 8 dont have the cartridges. Most are complete. Nothing amazing, mostly bundle games for the next DS I pickup from somewhere.


Atari Lynx/PS2 bundle from Craigslist. I was the 6th guy in 10 minutes to contact the seller apparently, said if I paid right then with Paypal he'd box it up and send it to me since he didnt really want to meet up with someone and I mentioned they'd look nice sitting by my Jaguar. The Atari stuff is so clean and all works great. The Checkered Flag poster and booklets are in amazing shape! The PS2 was just thrown in, its missing some screws and the power button.Edit- found a glass fuse in the garage and the PS2 now turns on. Also picked up SRG #17 and a Tomee adapter for my Goodwill Genesis that also doesnt power up.


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Sensor bar from Gamestop, 77 cents after giftcard. Works great for the Wii I have with a broken sensor port. Zelda DVD was $5 shipped from Amazon. N64 games were $31 from local gamestore. Sealed Lynx games from Bonanza. Rest from local gamestore. St Louis Blues stuff from NHL Shop and JC Penneys. Super Mario Maker 2 stuff from Target.



Top row was from a recently opened Salvation Army. Got these for about $11. Persona 3 Movie was from Amazon for really cheap. Only need the last two to complete the set.


Kaga is my favorite Ship Girl from Kancolle.


Popped up on Ebay for a good price along with a $3 coupon code.


Got back from bestbuy and more this month and last

Lucario was from FYE Gravity rush was 5$ from walmarts

Yooka Laylee was from Bestbuy mario and bloodstained from walmarts rest was from fye
Top N64 games and Rammstein CD-$99 @ local gamestore. Rest of the games-$80 from Gamestop after retro shooter sale/Elite member discounts/ CAG16 code/ and $60 giftcard from survey site.


Falling behind again, I have to keep this thread alive obviously! :whistle2: VGM Box #1, smoke Brawle64 controller, another Tomee adapter because I had forgotten about the one I just picked up 2 weeks ago!, CutMan figure from Walgreens (they finally got a different figure!), a Utorch Z1 "hologram" advertising display thing (gonna put some gaming gifs/pics on it and maybe mount it behind my Arcade1Up machine)


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Post 2- FYI, dont buy that Tomee Genesis 1 ac adapter......POS! Both produced lines on the screen and died within 10 mins! I could only find the receipt for one so I swapped it with a different adapter....we shall see. Got a 2nd VGM box this month. B2G1 on the N64 games at the local gamestore, $48 not too much cheaper than Ebay but theyre pretty clean and I didnt have to wait for them to be shipped. Mega Man games were B2G1 on, $76 shipped........not bad when they list MM1 for $70 before member deals!


Went to Anime Expo last week. Here is all the free Swag I got. Got two Penguin Highway shirts and a Crunchyroll Expo shirt for free Btw, Penguin Highway is a good anime film for those interested.






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Now that Ive finally got everything cleaned up and put together. 400GB cards from Amazon Prime Day, one for my modded Dreamcast and one for my modded Gamecube. DC memory card from game store, been sealed since 2000! PS3 GH dongle from Ebay. Brightness Kit for my Arcade1up machine. Switch game from Super Rare Games.

Nintendo bundle from Facebook Marketplace, $70. NES looks funny because it was super yellowed and I did the Volume 40 developer creme technique to whiten it up. My plastic wrap blew in the wind and left the marks. I already have the missing parts so both are complete bundles now.


StarLink from the Amazon $15 promo (buy a game for $15, get $15 credit), Fire Emblem from GS and BB, Amiibo from BB, N64 games from game store (b2g1).


More stuff not from thrift stores. PS2 games were $1 apiece from a box of movies donated to the library I work at. Detective Pikachu 4k BR from Best Buy. More b2g1 N64 games from the game store. VGM box. 90s kid poster and (not pictured) guy in front of a bunch of arcade machines poster from the internets, N64 games from a GS retro sale, Demon Sword  from the local game store. Had bought an NES ac adapter and it didnt work so I just swapped it for an $8 game since they were out of adapters.


Got some frames from Amazon for those cool posters. Got the Stranger Things Coca Cola Collectors box for my sister. Daves Ghost Pepper sauce (not pictured Daves Garlic hot sauce) from Amazon. Super Rare Game 19 and 20. DCHDMI modded Sega Dreamcast. Currently adding games to my GDEMU chip.


bread's done