The Official CAG 2019 Pick-Ups Thread

Took a couple pics today. Shenmue 3 collectors edition, Black Friday pickups, and VGM box


I'm trying to get in the habit of doing weekly pick-up posts but have a backlog piled up to get through first.

September 23-29

This large PS2 lot was gotten from Goodwill a few months back for prices ranging from $2.18 to $4.98. The "Tales of" rpgs were the latter.


The same week I came across these. The Star Wars games were marked $2.18 at a Goodwill and Epic Mickey 2 was $1 at a local thrift.


To finish off the week, I came across this final batch. The top were games found in a Goodwill, Super Galdelic Hour was an online purchase (paid half of what it goes for) and Tales of Xillia 2 was case only I found somewhere.


Mixed October pick-ups here. Top PS3 games were picked up from a pawn shop for $3 each. All Wii games were marked at $1.99 from a Salvation Army, one that rarely ever has any video games but that day miraculously had literally about 40. Some were scratched up and many I already owned or just weren't worth me picking up. I did also pick up Battlestations Pacific for $4.99. Sims 3 was another Salvation Army find but I don't think it was the same one.


Goodwill finds for $2.18 each on the Wii and PS3 games if I remember correctly. Uncharted Collection was a pawn shop find for $5.


The Wii and Xbox pick-ups were all from Goodwill. For whatever reason three of my local Goodwills price their games at $2.18 (even down to $1.18), but will go as high as $4.98, so I can't say if these all came from the same store. Probably not. I go all over! Champions Return to Arms was case and manual only but free from Salvation Army. Space Invaders and Courier Crisis were $5 each at a pawn shop (should have passed on both as Space Invaders label side was scratched). Socom was $3 that I picked up previously. Golden Tee was a dollar at another pawn shop. Picked up Trinity Universe from Gamestop.


Almost forgot these. all picked up from Goodwills at the end of October. Xbox 360 games were $4.98 still sealed. PS4 games were marked at $3.98 each and MGS 2 was probably $2.18.


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I was shopping at Best Buy and caved and picked up the Starlink Switch bundle. Out of curiosity, I checked the two GameStops across the street for extras, and found the rest pretty much at a single GS location.

You're pretty blessed to have a Goodwill that still sells games in the store.
There's a Goodwill not far that I know for a fact sells games online. I don't donate nor shop there unless I happen to be nearby and desparate. Hasn't turned up anything worthwhile in months. I donate to the others to pay it forward, and I guess because I want to. I don't donate to have buyers not within the community purchase my donations at eBay/Amazon prices. I hope this kind of thing encourages others to take the same stance and maybe others will find some good deals again.

There are very dry spells so I check out mom-and-pop thrifts, but, from what I hear, I have been pretty fortunate. I wish everyone had their big scores.

Make sure you put those in the Thrift Store Thread next time!
I decided to just do a weekly pick-ups post instead to save time. I buy things through Facebook, eBay, Offer Up and Letgo as well now. I admit many of my finds above were Goodwill only though.

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Havent picked up too much lately. I did manage to get rid of 3 Wii bundles, a Sega Genesis bundle, and my 3ft tall Tony Twist poster on Facebook Marketplace. Ended up with like $160 cash, a grey N64 controller, and a 19in Samsung tv afterwards.


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I apparently forgot to post this from months ago. Everything came from a pawn shop. The top row was $5 each, the middle row all 3 for $10, and the bottom row were all $1 each including Zelda!


I also seem to have forgotten all these from September. SuperCross was a 25 cent pawn shop pick-up. Yo-Kai was purchased from a Five Below. Star Wars Rogue Leader was a Goodwill find for $3.98. Little Deviants was a $2.69 upgrade for me from GameStop (I bought a previous, cartridge only, copy for $1 from GameStop during their $1 game glitch). I don't know how much I paid for Elebits as I quickly gave it to my sister (already owned a copy) but think I picked it up from a Goodwill. The Mystery of the Druids was still sealed.


No idea when I bought these. A couple of months ago or so. Traded in games I bought from various places just to trade in to GameStop during one of their $5 bonus offers. Picked these up with the trade credit. When I did the math of what I paid for the trade-ins versus the credit I received, these games cost me $3.28 each. DS games came loose but I had cases for all from dumpster diving.

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Have three GameCubes already but this one's purple! Been wanting to find one of these in the wild for a while now. Just need to find the controller for it.


$3 each, pawn shop finds on the top row. Bought most to trade in to GameStop for the $5 bonus. Kept the Sly collection and one copy of Fallout 4 (didn't realize I didn't own it yet). The other seven PS4 games were $5 each from a seller on Facebook Marketplace, I think. Traded Need For Speed Payback for the $5 bonus as well.


Top row were all Goodwill finds for $2.18 each. Middle row were Gamestop pick-ups. Used a $5 certificate on Deadly Premonition to bring down the cost. Dewy was $2.69 complete. This copy of Trinity Universe was actually my first. My sister bought the second one not realizing I only wanted it if complete. She's great, though! The Xbox One games were Goodwill pick-ups that I also traded in during the $5 bonus offer. Spectrobes was 89 cents and very happy to add Monster Tale to my collection for $2.69.


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More November pick-ups. Goodwill finds. The last four were $2.18 each. The Splatoon case actually had Pokken Tournament inside.


Never thought I'd pick up a 3DO but here we are. The Sherlock Holmes game was a Salvation Army purchase from long ago. I took off the sticker and reapplied it back on after realizing I wanted to take a pic of my find. It took many months to finally do so and probably should have just kept it off. The rest was a lot purchase from OfferUp for $120. Couldn't pass it up at that price. All four controllers are brand new/never used.


Goodwill finds on the PS2 and PS3 games, as well as Big Brain Academy. All were $2.98 each including Def Jam Fight For New York, which was complete but slightly scratched. The other DS games were $4 each from a seller on LetGo (I bought Women's Murder Club and Nancy Drew just to help the seller out for her charity and helpfulness). Finally Smart As... was another cheap Gamestop pick-up for $2.69, and another upgrade for a $1 loose copy I picked up from Gamestop during their $1 game glitch. (Games marked $2.99 with discounts during a 4 for $10 deal came out to a dollar each online with free shipping over $25.)


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Probably my most non gamer related Christmas ever! Cappucino KCups, Sprite Cranberry, Ebay giftcard, Walgreens giftcard. I guess the Ebay card counts, the idea is to use it towards the last handful of N64 games I need for the complete US set.

I haven't had time to post pickups since it's in the thousands of game's.

Just the past 3 weeks at the pawnshop.

Ps vita with madden,walking dead and littlebig planet $60

Splatoon,paper mario color splash,dark souls switch,donkey kong returns X5,zelda twilight princess X3,Yoshi wiiu,All the wii and wiiu Sonic game's

Gamecube:Luigi's mansion,super smash bros melee,F-zero gx,paper mario thousand year door

And today FINALLY The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword collector's edition.

Everything listed was .....2 each. Got pics later if anyone cares. I sell my doubles or have been donating them. And if someone here wants something let me know will let stuff go cheap.
These are GameStop pick-ups from three weeks ago or so.

These were from GameStop's Buy One Get One sale, I think. Sonic was resurfaced poorly and MotoGP 14 has a couple long hairline scratches and looks like someone spilled a drink on it. Bleach surprisingly came complete but the other DS games did not. I did have cases and manuals for them, however, except Star Fox.


Pick-ups online from Gamestop's 4 For $10 and 4 for $20 deals. I had a case for Killzone and GameStop was selling it for 99 cents, so I bought that too. Funny enough, they actually had the case for it as well.


More Buy One Get One goodies. No problems whatsoever with these aside from the DS game coming cartridge only. Clearly, I was prepared.


And even more Buy One Get One goodness. The Pokemon SoulSilvers came game only (had the cases and manuals already) but the Star Fox DS game was complete... at a Gamestop! I bought another loose copy online  earlier in the week not realizing I didn't have a case and manual for it in my collection. Don't have to worry about that now. Some kind of voodoo magic going on right there. Used trade credit on cheap games I flipped for a profit to GameStop to pick up the Wii U and PlayStation games. They came out to $4.52 each as a result.


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Some very cool finds the week of December 23-29.

Had a great start to the week with original PlayStation games bought from a Goodwill for $2.18 each. Thought I was going home empty handed not finding anything in the DVD section but moved my eyes to the CDs and quickly spotted these. I think all of them could use a resurfacing but still very happy with my purchase. Been wanting MediEvil for a while now. Those two copies (Greatest Hits and black label) of Resident Evil 3 were inexplicably hiding in the Resident Evil Director's Cut case instead of the RE2 demo. No clue why but can't really complain although I wish the demo was inside as well.


Saw this badboy posted online for FREE and quickly went over to pick it up. A 32" Sony Trinitron Wega TV! This thing weighs 176 pounds! It actually came with a stand specifically designed for the TV, which is really cool.





But wait! There's more! The guy I got this from knew I wanted it for gaming and had no use for some N64 stuff he had leftover. So he gave it all to me for FREE! (Thank you, kind sir.) Goldeneye and the N64 system on the bottom have seen better days. The WCW cartridge case was literally pried apart and glued back together at the screw holes (I swapped out the back with the NFL game's case). The top N64 system came with a power brick that wouldn't lock into place. I simply opened the brick up and pulled on the fastener outward until I found it would lock back into place with the console. Really happy to get the Duke Nukem games too.


To end the week, I scored on the Star Fox game I found at a pawn shop on clearance for $1.99! The game was complete too. Project Sylpheed and the Wii Golf trainer games were $2.98 at a Goodwill. The Golf trainer was missing the manual but still happy to have it. Ratchet and Clank and Animal Crossing were both $2.18 each and Animal Crossing came in the wrong case. I happened to have a spare in storage, however. Shrek 2 and WWE 12 were local $1 each pick-ups I made just to support the thrift store I bought them from. Dream Trigger was a game I had a case for for a few years and thought, it's $1.79, I might as well pick it up. After passing by that Gamestop for months, I finally grabbed the game.


Edit: Forgot about this find a day before I got the TV. A PSTV console. Very happy to include it in my collection as I prefer to play games on the big screen.


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