The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

Minor state official says something indefensible, is swiftly fired by state party.

I think "Democrats as a whole" acted in an appropriate manner so I don't need to say this doesn't mean anything.  More worrisome is when  someone acts in an indefensible manner and the party twists itself in knots trying to rationalize why it really wasn't any big deal.

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Right wingers are accusing CNN of "doxxing" that kid who made that stupid gif, even though CNN didn't do it because revealing information about minor is a felony. So the trolls lean into their classiness and actually doxx people who work for CNN.
Did you read the article you linked? It even stated the guy is apparently not a kid.
Trump going after institutionalized racial discrimination at universities:
Makes sense. He's powerless to make health care reform happen and tax reform will be messy but it takes nothing to direct the DoJ to "investigate" this and comfort the base by saying he'll stop those black kids from stealing your children's college education.

It's a sop to distract the base from his major policy failures.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) says that McCain probably voted against the "skinny repeal" bill because of his brain tumor.

Not in the "Being confronted with a major life-threatening illness shaped McCain's opinions about accessible and affordable medical care" way, of course.  He meant it in the "McCain only voted no because his brain is damaged" way.

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I go outside the entire day, and we got talk of World War III. Thanks 45.

Meanwhile, brother of Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, Blackwater CEO Erik Prince says privatize the Afghan war. Glad the swamp is being drained.
Yeah, Blackwater may have it's own air force soon. Anyone else having thoughts of Sons of the Patriots? Maybe nanomachines are next. :lol:
What a classy president, the most classy. Who has no problem laying blame on both sides, when one side is a domestic terrorist hate group and the other is just trying to defend their right to exist as human beings against the other's wishes. 

Oh and dont forget he owns a winery there, so thats always relevant to this discussion and wonderful to know, thank god that was thrown in at the end of the rambling

So the Republicans are blaming the trash can lighting fools at Antifa for the violence at Charlotte. How soon till they say these guys are actually Antifa, not White Nationalists?




Republicans gonna say Antifa was the one carrying Tiki Torches and shouting time honored Nazi slogans by the end of the week. They're gonna say it was the guys above that were standing in front of churches, mosques, and temples in Charlottesville are actually antifa.

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“I will cast my ballot on December the 12th, and I do believe that the nominee of the party is the one I’ll vote for. I believe in the Republican Party and what we stand for, and most important, we need to have a Republican in the United States Senate to vote on the things like Supreme Court justices,”

Why not make Roy Moore a Supreme Court Justice?

Another stock market record high today with unemployment at 17 year lows.  Record Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales indicating continued rising consumer confidence.  Meanwhile Democrats continue to spin their wheels over "Russian interference" (which essentially was a public service exposing the rigging of the Democratic nomination process) and outrage over sexual misconduct (though whoops! turns out it's far more rampant among Democrats than Republicans, with even former golden boy Bill Clinton getting thrown under the bus), and double down on identity politics which is what lost them the election to begin with.

By any objective measure, Trump is killing it, but no one is willing to admit it.

If the economy is doing so great, where's my pay raise? And why do job creators need a tax cut so badly? Why not give all the tax cuts to the working class? Why should those Gucci-wearing, Latte Sipping Elitists in the Republican Party get all the money?

Did you ask for one? Most organizations don’t just offer to pay you more if you seem content with your current salary. With the economy the way it is, now’s the time to ask or look for a better job.
It was a great bill. Well written complete. I mean, the public got to read it in the months before passage. There were hearings and all that, just like Obamacare. Oh it wasn't? The vote was last night around Midnight? Handwriting by lobbyists on paper?

I'm sure this bill is written by the people for the people. The Stock Market will be great on Monday, it's a fantastic reflection of the economy, showcasing what the working man has wrought. As long as Wall Streets gets away with murder MAGA! Why would you allow George Soros to get his meaty tax cut?

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A lot of things are in that bill, so I can't say my verdict on it yet. Obviously a 20% corporate tax rate is great but until the House and Senate reconcile a final version, I think it's interesting how many "tax experts" we have on social media. I didn't realize the pool was so big, we were just hiring a tax manager and it took a while to find someone qualified, I had no idea we had thousands of tax experts on twitter and Facebook. It seems like the hiring should have been easier.
Too many people get their talking points from biased news sources which is overwhelmingly left leaning, so of course the tax bill is being panned in the media.  An yes, I also count Fox News as biased to the right but the fact remains most mainstream media is overtly sympathetic to the Democratic Party.

So they point out the tax bill may add a trillion dollars to the debt.  Well even if that is completely true (it's just speculation), I didn't hear many complaints about the national debt when Obama doubled it by the time he left office.  Also the tax cuts are meant to spur economic growth which even the JCT states will increase by 0.8% more with the tax plan.  Economists (also overall a left leaning bunch) already have a track record of underestimating the economy under Trump.  The GDP was recently revised upward to 3.3% when economists previously had largely dismissed that target as not feasible.

Democrats complained that the bill is being rushed, even though Obamacare was largely passed in the same way.  Remember "we have to pass the bill to see what's in it?" 

Short-term there are clear benefits.  Longer term is more uncertain but likely further changes to the tax code will occur.  In the meantime, it's never wrong to have people (and yes even corporations) to keep more of their money than the government taking it and doing God knows what with it. 

And contrary to how I may come across, I am not a dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporter (I didn't vote for him) but have to admit that he is far from the disaster everyone expected and objectively, he has had a good start to his presidency.  I also can't help but enjoy some schadenfreude at watching the Democrats implode even though they delusionally think they are not the party in disarray.

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