Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen [Blu-Ray] - $19.99 @ Amazon & Walmart [IMAX Ed]

[quote name='cdeener']Son of a bitch I had my girl buy this from BB for $22 cause I didn't even see this thread until now. My local Walmart will be sold out so I'm not pressed.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the DVD side of CAG...we're here, and we don't have a ton of senseless posts like the Video Game Deals :lol: Check in every once in a while, every week, I've gotten great DVD deals or info from threads on here!
Just got back from the NW Austin Wal-Mart on 620, they had about 30+ copies and the photocopied coupon worked. $18 and change out the door, thanks to OP and whoever posted the coupon.
anyone know if there is much of a difference in this WM version compared to that on the normal edition? i am wondering if the drive is worth it to get the IMAX WM version. anyone with the ImAx version let me know!
It's 1-2 minutes of additional footage. Probably not REALLY worth it although if Walmart is convenient for you you might get lucky and be near one of the stores only charging $13 for it.
I am sick of these exclusives... Target's got the transforming case and the holographic thing, Walmart's got the IMAX footage..and so on.

I saw the sd-dvd version playing on an hdtv this morning at Walmart...bad choice!
Picture was so bad I was like bah.

Anyways how's the holographic thing?
yeah, I HATE store exclusives, especially when it's an entire movie or even parts of it. At least Walmart is the cheapest place to buy it, as well.

(this was a double whammy for me, I try to not buy store exclusives and definitely try to not support Walmart and I failed on both today. Still holding strong on not buying Gremlins, though!)

The DVD looks to be absolutely horrible-- like they're really trying to convince people to go HD, as I can't believe it has to look THIS bad.
Does anyone know if the IMAX blu ray version is comparable to the regular blu ray version in terms of picture quality? I'm hoping that the normal scenes use the same compression and coding, but I haven't found any info on this online. I'd rather not have them lower the bitrate for the normal scenes just so they can squeeze in the extra pixels for the IMAX scenes.
All I can say is that most of the Imax footage was the scene in the forest where Optimus takes on 5 enemies. It looked amazing on my 46" LCD!! I thought I would miss it, but it as soon as it switched to full screen, I noticed. I didn't see anything before this scene and doubt I will after, b/c this probably did clock in at 2 mins, or even more.

I'm not a huge transfer guy, so I can't get into any technical aspects, but I can tell the audio is a bit lower than the first Transformers BD during dialog scenes.

EDIT: More Imax footage when Devaastator forms!!!
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Has anyone had any issue with using the $3 coupon? My Walmart was fine with taking it but it wouldn't scan and when they tried to manually enter the sku it didn't recognize the coupon.
[quote name='Ispep Aloc']With self checkout at walmart how does using the coupon work? Do u turn it in somewhere?[/QUOTE]
Just scan it using the barcode system. Scan the coupon twice and see how much you paid for. :lol:
yea wtf i just noticed that my walmart copy also has the bumblebee....

w.e the proof of purchase on the back of the cover says big screen so i should be good

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So, as I said, couldn't price match at best buy or wal-mart. But just curious...If I were to get the 360 version priced matched at a store that didn't have the ps3 version in stock. Do you think they would let me exchange them when the ps3 version does come in? (unopened exchange of course). Any thoughts?
[quote name='token2k6']Welcome to the DVD side of CAG...we're here, and we don't have a ton of senseless posts like the Video Game Deals :lol: Check in every once in a while, every week, I've gotten great DVD deals or info from threads on here![/QUOTE]
I check every once in a while just to see what is worth me buying cause I own too many DVDs and I'm trying to limit how many Blurays I buy cause I love watching movies in HD.
The Imax stuff is kind of stupid to me and I just finished watching it. Its really only at a few scenes and it adds nothing to the movie really. My wife actually commented on the black bars going away for a minute lol. I mean if the whole movie was presented in that way it'd be worth getting over the reg blu ray but for a few scenes go with whatever is cheapest to buy.
For a 13 dollar blu ray...the IMAX scenes don't look bad at all.


[quote name='djblaze805']Coupon worked like a charm. 18 and change. I have no idea how people are getting it for $13.[/QUOTE]

Some Walmarts lower their DVD and Blu-ray new release prices so they can undercut competitors. The Charlottesville, VA store reduced their price for the DVD to $13.27 and accidentally did the same for the Blu-ray. Signs say $13.27 for DVD and $19.96 for Blu-ray, but both ring up for $13.27. Out the door for $10.93 with coupon!
[quote name='token2k6']thanks Techsticles!! :D

I'll just leave this stuff here:

or here:

hope this was ok quality, scanned as a photo at 300dpi, when prompted to choose higher resolution, i said to stick to regular or small. If you guys think you need the front, let me know...

EDIT: also if a mod wants to add this to the sticky coupon thread, that is fine with me, please do!![/QUOTE]

Token, thanks for the scan. I printed it out on my crapy black & white printer (i was out of color ink) & wal-mart still took it. you gotta luv people who just don't care about their job & just do whatever. Transformers 2 for $16.96 on release day is awesome. Thanks again Token for posting the scan, you're a life saver. :)
Big thanks for the person that scanned and put up the coupon. Worked like a charm, and the Big Screen version I picked up was the last one on the shelf. I am sure they had more in the back, but I took it and ran just in case.
Thanks for the coupon, got it for $10 at walmart, I can't believe they had the bly-ray for $13, incredible that it is cheaper than the dvd edition. It is for a short while though, the cashier also said everyone was asking if that really was the price.
i'm sad I can't find it for 13...but i'll accept 16 (after coupon). I'm a fan (although i would have accepted megan fox running in slow motion around a camaro that transforms up and down and occasionally gets hit for about an hour and a half)
I just came back from my local walmart where they had the Big Screen Edition for 13.99..........without the Papa Johns Coupon.....and its Blu-ray. No Joke. Thats the best sale i ever seen for a bluray, espically a big title.
Hit 2 Walmarts. They only had the Bumblebee version. One of them had close to a hundred in multiple cardboard setups in the aisles. At both stores, it rang up at $19.96.

So, does the Bumblebee cover include the IMAX footage? (Is the only difference the cover?)

I also got lucky and spotted it at my Wal-mart local last night for $13.00. Bought 2 copies (One for myself and one for a friend) Couldn't Pass up that price for Blu. I expected it to be $19.99 But was shocked to see the price as $13. I too had to ask the worker if it was correct...
[quote name='kinga']Is the 13 dollar price at any in Houston I saw on the Dunvale one it still listed at 19.96?[/QUOTE]
Don't think so, 1 of them in Pasadena was $19.96 but they didn't have any copies out yet late Monday night, just the price. The one in Pearland off 518 near 288 was $19.96 yesterday. They did allow the printed coupon from a few pages back though at that location, but they had less than 5 copies of the "Big Screen" Blu-Ray and more than 100 of the DVD.
Went to my nearest Walmart and they were all sold out. :(

Gonna stop by another one tomorrow and if they're sold out too, I'm f'd. Dont wanna have to settle with the standard edition.
[quote name='TheRock88']Went to my nearest Walmart and they were all sold out. :(

Gonna stop by another one tomorrow and if they're sold out too, I'm f'd. Dont wanna have to settle with the standard edition.[/QUOTE]

I was barely. BARELY lucky. There was just one copy left and some kids were near it so i snatch it real quickly. But if i can make a suggestion, try around noon. They usually have a shipment coming around 10am, espcially for a big title like that they will have more coming.
Hell, I didn't get a coupon and was happy to pay only $20 for it. I didn't see it in theaters, so I figure that's $20 I saved already.
[quote name='LinkinPrime']Bumblebee cover is the "Big Screen" edition (IMAX footage). It should have a slip cover with a shiny close up of Optimus Prime's face.[/QUOTE]The only one they had at the WM I went to had the Bumblebee cover, though there was no slipcover. :whistle2:s

I decided to pass on it, since it was the only copy they had.
Managed to pick up a copy at my local wal-mart (they had tons of them) but got shot down with the coupon. Cashier told me they couldn't accept it because it didn't have an expiration date on it :wall:. Trying to decide whether it's worth trying to return and rebuy for the $3 or not.
went to my local WM, there were still quite a few copies left on Blu ray. Got one luckily but at the 19.96 price, ask WM person to scan to see if it was cheaper but still the same price. Oh well. still a good deal with the coupon. The 13 dollar price everyone is finding is for the 1 disc regular version but some WM must be allowing blu ray as well.
Thanks to those that posted the coupon. I printed it out and took it to self checkout. Unfortunately, it didn't take it and I had to wait for a cashier, then a manager. Manager said it's a photocopy and that's why the system rejected it. He asked where I got it, and I said it was an email promo. Next thing I knew, they overrode it and ran it threw. 16.96 isn't too shabby.

I figured I would've got turned down, but the deal worked out. Thanks guys... and Walmart employees :)
picked mine up as well. $3 coupon worked fine. Just ahd to cover up the right side. funny thing though is that they guy said i couldn't pay for it at the front, i had to pay for it in back.
Received an email from Amazon stating they are gonna refund me $5. Woot! :bouncy: Also like to say that Transformer 2 is reference material.
Price on dropped about $5 as well to $18.86 if you'd rather order it. They will charge you shipping and then tax your purchase if your state requires it.
[quote name='Techsticles']Price on dropped about $5 as well to $18.86 if you'd rather order it. They will charge you shipping and then tax your purchase if your state requires it.[/QUOTE]It's also showing Free Site To Store, at least for the moment, so that would end up with free shipping to the store. You still have to go and pick it up from there.
I couldn't find the blu-ray at the $13 price point...$20 only. :(

I did, however, spot in the meat section, that if you buy a $2.95 package of Perdue chicken nuggets, you get a $5 rebate for the Transformers DVD. It looks like it would also apply to the blu-ray. Not a bad chicken nuggets and another couple bucks off the blu-ray.
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