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10% off disc10
Latest Transformers news:

  • Dark of the Moon toyline to be released at retail on May 15, 2011
  • Transformers Prime toyline to be released at retail in October 2011
Latest Transformers figures available at retail now:

  • Generations Warpath, Kup, and Scourge
  • Dark of the Moon Preview Pack Cyberverse Optimus Prime
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Do the tru stores carry the soundwave or was it just available online? Is their place that I still can get it?
[quote name='Roufuss']Pics of the new packaging? Like I said, all I ever see is tons of old school packaging. I bought Smokescreen but never opened him, to be honest I wasn't really that impressed with him and never did get around to returning it.

Looking through the list they definitely got alot better as they went on... Dead End, Shockblast, Wheeljack, Jazz, Optimus Prime... those ones look awesome.[/quote]
I saw a ton of the Optimus Prime Dodge Ram right before X-Mas so I'm sure it wont be too hard to find if you keep an eye out. Nemesis Prime was a repaint of Optimus:


Here's a better Grimlock Pic as well:

90% is being kind of harsh. Especially when you compare the two...

Damn good remold if you ask me :)

I encourage everybody to support the Classics line as much as you can, we've still got Devastator, Cliffjumper, Ramjet, and the second wave of mini-cons to look forward to.
Since the TFs are made in China, places like Hong Kong and Singapore are always quick to get them before the US and Japan does. The "release" date for the set is March, but stuff is known to come out early.
[quote name='Roufuss']Yea, I definitely want that Optimus vs Megatron pack too.[/quote]

I read Dave's Transformer Page -- he does reviews of Transformers -- and this double pack doesn't sound so hot. Here's the link to his page and here's the link to this review. Summary: Megatron's OK and Prime is awful. I won't be buying it.

I buy most of the new Transformers, but I don't want to buy everything, so if something is awful I just don't bother. So far, I've been really happy with the new Classic line and the Alternators.

Roufuss, definitely try to find Mirage. Awesomeness all around. Alternators Optimus Prime is okay, but not the best. The bumpers keep falling off mine.

You might get lucky at Target -- I picked up Meister on clearance for $14. They're also clearancing the 6 inch Titaniums. Of these, Scourge, Jetfire, and Thundercracker are worthwhile (Optimus Prime and Megatron are awful).
Yeah, the Ops x Megs pack isn't so hot, especially when you compare it to the other figures in that line. Optimus got the good robot mode and Megatron got the good alt mode.

Someone should start a TF Toy topic in the OT forum.
[quote name='coltyhuxx']Uh, aren't these supposed to be in our hands by now? What went wrong?[/QUOTE]

Toys R Us is a shitty company that should never be given an exclusive.
Maybe a Mod can move this to the Off Topic forums.

Transformers Movie toys:

Transformer Protoforms Inspired in design, by the Protoform characters in the upcoming Transformers live-action movie, these preview figures feature Starscream and Optimus Prime in their Cybertronian forms.





Deluxe Scale

Ages 5 +

Approximate Retail Price: $9.99

Available (U.S.) May 1st.

I think that these are crap.
[quote name='coltyhuxx']Are we getting these? Those of us that ordered last month? I haven't seen a charge yet.[/quote]
I'm guessing that they delayed them. was going to sell these "TRU" exclusives and they went backordered to Feb 07. They sent an email indicating that their "distributor" hasn't gotten them yet or something like that. I'd say wait it out for a nother month or two.
Damn you people. I just got the seasons on DVD for Xmas so I checked this thread and started reading about the new toys.

Well I was a huge Jetfire fan so I checked a few stores and found one of the new ones. I also grabbed: Starscream, Rodimus Prime, Optimus Prime, and Mirage. More money (in addition to my VG habit) that I didn't need to spend!
Target has dropped their Xmas toy clearance to 75% off. Happened yesterday or today.

There hasn't been much in the way of Transformers on clearance, but it is still possible to get some great deals:

Primus (found 2 of them today) $12.18
Star Wars Transformers Millenium Falcon $8.74
Transmetal Rattrap 10th Anniversary $3.74
And kdunn77 reports in the Target Clearance thread that he found 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime for $17.48

You'll need a bit of luck, as things are going fast and some Targets are already cleaned out. Also, while these are clearance items, they can occasionally be found mis-stocked in the regular Transformers area.
I hope that the figure being delayed is the case rather than our orders being canceled. I do remember reading something one of my emails about them canceling the preorder if they can't fulfill it but maybe they just haven't gotten them yet.

Man, all these new toys look really cool (not the movie ones, they're total shit IMO). I really wanna pick up ton of those alternators and classic series figures.
Was in Wal-Mart today. They restocked their Alternators.

They had 4: Optimus Prime (the pickup truck), Skids (the Scion xB), Rollbar (the jeep -- recolor of Hound/Swindle), and Ricochet (recolor of Smokescreen/Silverstreak).

Of these, Skids is my favorite, even if you hate the Scion it's based on. Then it's Optimus Prime. Then the others, which are recolors of the early Alternators.

If you don't have Hound, then Rollbar might be a good choice. It's a very good Transformer...just not so good the third time round.
Okay, I goofed. I picked up Alternators Meister in Target's post-holiday clearance.

I already have Meister -- I got confused because I had not picked up Camshaft and they're both white cars.

Very nice car, and the robot is very obviously Jazz, but had to be renamed for trademark reasons. This is the same model as Shockblast -- a Mazda RX-8 -- but white instead of purple and without the hand-laser.

Paid $13.98 + tax, will sell for $18 shipped or trade for like amount. See my trade thread here. Please do not reply to this thread. PM me. Thanks.
[quote name='optimusprime']Holy sh!t. I was holding off on the Starscream, but I'll buy this one the second it comes out. Very nice.[/quote]

From what I heard, you might not even be able to import it because it looks like a realistic gun and customs won't allow it. It does look so bad ass though :drool:
[quote name='LinkinPrime']From what I heard, you might not even be able to import it because it looks like a realistic gun and customs won't allow it. It does look so bad ass though :drool:[/QUOTE]

You may have problems finding it from a "legit" seller but I'm sure I can pick one up at this Years San Diego Comic Con or the local comic show by my house.
I just checked out ebay. They have them up for pre-order now......generally going for ~$120 including shipping from overseas. Given what LinkinPrime said about customs, though, I'll probably wait a little to see if I can get a U.S. seller.

I'm still waiting for a relatively good price on the masterpiece Starscream. If any of you guys can point me towards one, I'd appreciate it.
I just got an order status update e-mail from Toys 'r' Us that says Soundwave is in stock.

Hopefully they ship it this week.
[quote name='LinkinPrime']From what I heard, you might not even be able to import it because it looks like a realistic gun and customs won't allow it. It does look so bad ass though :drool:[/QUOTE] has them up for preorder. 99 bucks plus shipping. They are supposedly making custom orange caps that go over the end of the gun (which I should think would be easily removed once in your hands) in order to get them past customs.

I'm still holding out hope that MP Starscream will come stateside after the ferver of the movie (in anime colors, not the ass greenish color Japan got), but since I know Megs will never come out, I preordered him right away.

Oh, and
Anyone else get their Soundwave today? Looks awesome, but I'm trying to decide to open it or not. My old G1 soundwave is kinda busted, so this is its replacement.
[quote name='KingDox']To anyone who got their soundwave how easy is it to remove from the box and then put it back ?[/QUOTE]

I gave in. It's really easy. A few pieces of tape that can be cut and he's out. No twist ties or any of that crap. Just a form fitting plastic bubble, so to put it all back, just lay the parts back how they were and close it up, it stays. Also, surprisingly, some stickers are allready applied, but there is a copy of the Japanese sticker sheet as well, but no diagram for it. It's easy enough to look at pics and see where they go though.
[quote name='Vergeofinsanity']What are the chances of me finding this at TRU stores?[/quote]

Mine didn't have it. The guy had no idea what I was talking about. Hopefully they will get them in shortly...
[quote name='Zmonkay']Anyone else get their Soundwave today? Looks awesome, but I'm trying to decide to open it or not. My old G1 soundwave is kinda busted, so this is its replacement.[/QUOTE]

Any plans for the old one?


I missed out on the preorder, so I hope I can get lucky enough to snag one of the rereleases.

I just bought the Titanium Soundwave today, so I guess that'll have to do in the meantime :D
[quote name='Cth']
I just bought the Titanium Soundwave today, so I guess that'll have to do in the meantime :D[/quote]

How is it? I passed on it, since it looked to me like a brick that didn't even look much like Soundwave in tape deck mode.

Now Titanium, Rodimus Prime, on the other hand...
[quote name='LinkinPrime']
[/quote]Oh mah GOSH!!! That was my favorite old g1 Transformer!! I totally missed this thread until just now. Has anyone seen these sitting around their TRUs? If I don't find one locally and you're willing to ship, I'll paypal you.
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