Walmart Pre-owned Game Sale


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Full list:

Gears of War 4              $13.03
The Division - Xbox One  $9.17
The Division - PS4          $9.17
Titanfall 2 - PS4               $13.03    --> $18.88
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - PS4         $13.03
Final Fantasy XV Day 1 Edition - PS4    $19.20
Mad Max - PS4                 $9.17   ---> OOS
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Xbox One   $13.03
Mad Max -Xbox One         $9.17
**From all of the comments we've gathered so far, it's best to assume bundle/value pack games could potentially be shipped from Redbox or Family Video (Preowned Discs). Just something to remember when we see promotion like this**
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I was actually going to post a topic about this. I had just got Just Cause 3 for $13.03 in the mail yesterday, which is lower than most places, and I bought Far Cry 4 for that $9 price and Battlefield 1, which was $19. Now beware, they put my Far Cry on backorder for like a day or 2, then it changed to shipped, so be careful with that.  Here's the link for JC3, it came in good shape for me:

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^Looked through the list. Ended up ordering these:
Decent deals. Combined with free 2-day shipping and 4% more in savings using Ebates + Walmart cc made it better! First time ordering preowned games from Walmart. Hopefully they come in good shape.
I've had 3 pre-owned games come over the past couple of days and they've been in pretty good condition, it comes shrinkwrapped and everything. I've had no complaints so far.

My order that had Prey for $24 got backordered, I waited too late on it, waited til there was 3 left and the other stuff got here that was part of it. Oh well, sucks, but it was worth a try! My other stuff came perfect.

Just bought a ps4 so this thread came in really handy. Wal mart had battlefront marked at 11.88 but they priced matched me for 6 when I showed em the link. Thanks for sharing

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4) - Pre-Owned $13.03

Final Fantasy XV Day 1 Edition - Pre-Owned (PS4) $19.20

Mad Max (PS4) - Pre-Owned $9.17

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Xbox One) - Pre-Owned $13.03

Mad Max (Xbox One) - Pre-Owned $9.17

The Legend Zelda Tri Heroes (Nintendo 3DS) - Pre-Owned $13.03 (one left)
Just picked up 3 of the games I bought and surprisingly they are all brand new and sealed! LOL
They reseal them. I've gotten four in the last week and all looked new at first glance, but none were. All had a pre-owned sticker on the back of the case over the barcode but under the cellophane. But yes, short of a couple dimples in one of the cases, they've all been in fantastic shape and some Goo Gone and patience will get rid of the sticker.
Overwatch (PS4) Instock 7 left
Well, don't waste your time with Walmart in stock alert emails. I had one set for this and I never got an email. I did receive my Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition. The game was like new, and had the original box. The insert for the Day One content was missing as expected, but for under $20 I'm not complaining.
Walmart has been killing it for me. If i didn't already get rid of my XBO last month or so, FH2 would be bought immediately. Might buy it and give it to my nephew in all honesty, that price you really can't pass up on.

how are you able to find the switch games and games like horizon? they dont show up in the full list
After they're OOS for a while they're removed from the full list and search results. The Switch games are findable through searching (NSW), but they don't show up all the time.
After they're OOS for a while they're removed from the full list and search results. The Switch games are findable through searching (NSW), but they don't show up all the time.
Or sometimes, add random games to the cart, and it'll show a similar games dashboard that has a few. That's how I first discovered a couple of these games.

Also, it's spelled weird so it was hard to find, but this showed up when I added FH2 to the cart:

Borderlands Handsome Collection on XBO for $9.17:

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FH2 X1 for that price is a steal. I'm surprised both here and gamestop have the objectively better Xbox One version wayyyy cheaper than the 360 version.

They've got a value pack for the Xbox One for $26.06 that includes:
Call of Duty Black Ops 3
Halo 5
The Division
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Site to store doesn't seem to work so you'll need an order over $35 to avoid shipping charges.
Xbox One Gamer Value Pack - 4 Games (Pre-Owned) (Xbox One)
Little legwork but flipped black ops and syndicate to Amazon and division/halo to trade4cash
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