What do you think about Target Transgender Bathroom Policy

Don't most Target shoppers just shit in the aisles anyway? If this gets some of them in the bathroom to go, more power to them.

old guys in the bathroom with kids
I could swear I saw that last week at the airport. Kids in the bathroom while older men were also there. Shit, should I have reported it to the TSA or something? I mean, I didn't see any unusual activity going on but fuck man, one of those male adults could have been a pedo looking to molest a child and the current bathroom policy wouldn't have done shit about it. What kind of horseshit policy is that?

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I don't understand why people are not okay with letting these "sexual deviants" in with their daughters but they're totally cool with letting them in with their sons.

The people complaining about it are running out of things to complain about. LGBTQ+ people aren't a new thing, and there have been very minuscule complaints about it, mostly because the people we should be scared of are literally scared of society at large. Cops have been doing their jobs arresting the perverts for decades, and they'll still do. Besides, people generally use the stalls and keep to themselves. Nah, let America begin the new Witch-hunts.

As somebody who works at Target, if these people were serious about boycotting, I'd probably see a fair bit less idiocy while working, but unfortunately that isn't the case.

Regardless, this whole thing is being blown way out of proportions and it's just conservatives wanting something else to complain about. For years, the transgendered have used the bathroom they've identified with and nobody was the wiser. And with the witch hunt going around now, they're more scared of us than we are of them. We're talking about a group that gets hated on for something they can't control. Whether it's because of somebody's race, sexual preference, or whatever else, why do we as people have to hate? Why can't we be accepting of others?

That said, if people were going to be malicious and rape women, children, or even men, they don't need a wig and a dress to do so. If somebody has enough evil intent to do something of that nature, they're going to do it no matter what.

I read a story about a woman that was in a stall and another woman went up to the stall, peeked through the dividers, and said, "oh good, I thought you were one of 'those' people". How's that for crazy.
If anybody is into stats - transgender people are more likely to kill themselves than hurt anybody else. They have the highest suicide rates of any minority group of people.   Flip side to that is child molesters are most-often white, married, working, middle-class individuals - You know, like the people standing outside with the hate signs.  Funny correlation there. 

I am liberal, non religious and I think you should use the restroom you have the parts for...Otherwise there is no reason to have separate restrooms. I don't think the apparent threat comes from "real" trans people as much as a straight guy might go into a woman's restroom because he can. But then again gay men use men's rooms and they aren't a threat. So is anyone really a threat or will incidents occur regardless of all other factors?

If people really believe in equality, everyone should be able to use whatever bathroom they want without legal consequence no matter how they dress, their gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.

every time i went to the gym there's nude old guys with there shit out

guys that are dressup as girls should not use a girls bathroom

Better old men use the bathroom with little boys I guess?

Your solution seems a bit lacking.
No man, keep up. He's saying old men shouldn't be allowed to use any bathroom because they've traumatized him with their nakedness at "the gym".
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This whole thing is a political wedge issue.  It's not a coincidence that it's happening in an election year (for a new President no less!).  These people have been using the bathroom for a long time, why is this suddenly an issue?  It's because the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage and the population in general is moving away from discriminating against gays and lesbians.  So now they need a new election issue, "vote for us and we'll stop those 'men' from using the women's room".  That sort of thing.  It's not like they want to come up with real policies or make hard decisions so they have this.

When this whole fake issue arose out of the ether, I was pretty confused and did a bit of googling.  There are women that transition to men that have beards and look like men.  NC's law would have those men in the women's room based on birth certificate.

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Yep, the entire thing as an absolute clusterfuck of stupidity. Let's hit the hightlights...

NC's HB2 (and other laws being made in its image in TN, TX, etc) thinks this person (transgender bodybuilding champion, Shawn Stinson) should go into the women's restroom...

...although, I guarantee that if he did, people would lose their damn minds.

Oh, kind of like this...


To be totally fair, I actually think the media spun this one to make this guy seem more malicious than he actually was. He had reasons for being concerned and confused (his mother was in the bathroom), and I don't think he's trying to be overly offensive.

Here's a couple more cases of people using the "correct bathroom" and being harassed anyway.


And this one is one of the worst I've seen...which honestly made me question how legit it was. Snopes seems to be unsure themselves.


It makes me wonder if it's even ok to tell somebody 'hey, that's the ladies room." when you see what you perceive to be a guy heading toward that door. We all know people do accidentally stumble into the one other than they intended on occasion. Are we so PC now that you have to assume they're not about to embarrass themselves...they just feel like a lady?

That's the thing for me, I'm all for not being able to tell. If you can't tell, there's nothing to be uncomfortable about, so mind your own business. And I mostly believe that the definition of "gender you identify with" SHOULD be how you are trying to outwardly appear (and it shouldn't be something that changes with the weather). Obviously, that can span a broad gamut depending on if you're taking hormones, had surgeries done, etc.

But if we're talking a case where a birth certificate male says he's female, but wants to keep his beard while he wears a dress, then it becomes a problem. It's almost like going shopping with no shirt on. Good for me that it's something I like to do, but it makes everybody around me uncomfortable, so it's not allowed. I can understand that.

I guess I feel like people who truly believe they were born the wrong gender aren't looking to stand out. Like the Shawn Stinson example above, I'd have zero doubt in my mind and wouldn't even give it a second glance that that's a guy. And him going into the ladies room would cause the exact problem that HB2 is worried about. So, it feels like it's a law made for the wrong reasons trying to catch people doing things for the wrong reasons. That's what we've devolved into.

Cause this is such a huge problem that they need a law.  Give me a break, these are what freedom loving republicans do, find new ways to restrict and punish people who are different.

I haven't peed in a target bathroom since they made this nasty policy how dare they do that!

Then again I haven't gone to the bathroom in a target for as long as I can remember so there is that too.

Don't people say America is the place where you can be whatever you want to be FREELY, where you can make your own destiny, where you can be anyone and make something of yourself?

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