Win an XBOX ONE X With Taco Bell 8/31/17 - 10/4/17

Do you have package delivery notifications turned on? Or was it Taco Bell that gave FedEx the email?

I'm asking because I haven't gotten any emails yet and just signed up for FedEx notifications today.
I have package notifications on. Got the FedEx app too and notifications are sent to my email.
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Mind if I ask what days you guys won on? Waiting for any update here, either through FedEx or email. Just curious if they are going in order with notifications. Was about two weeks into the promo for me.

A bit anxious since my first time with something like this.
Well, that's great. I can't sign up for delivery manager because of the verification process. I don't have the console coming to my home either so that's that. Crud
Won 09/24/2017, bundle shipment notification from Prize Logic sent by FedEx today (projected delivery date 11/02/2017, DIRECT SIGNATURE REQUIRED). I only received one email from Prize Logic (same day I won). Hope this helps others.
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Mind if I ask what days you guys won on? Waiting for any update here, either through FedEx or email. Just curious if they are going in order with notifications. Was about two weeks into the promo for me.

A bit anxious since my first time with something like this.
I won on 9/23 @10:13pm
i won on 9/22 and got a confirmation number that day. Haven't heard anything else. TBH i'm kind of worried because about a month ago after leaving work I went to taco bell  late at night since I work at a bar and had one of the craziest experiences I've ever had. They told me the system was restarting but would be up in about 15 mins. It's late and I'm hungry and I ask if it's ok if I wait through it for some delicious nom noms. They say ok and take my order. Since I know I'm going to be waiting for a while, I don't think much about them not approaching me in the drive thru window but I start playing a game on my phone while waiting. Next thing I know, I've got a cop banging on my passenger window asking for my info. I of course comply, the cops aren't telling me much why they are there and giving me the hassle. I think I'm about to go to jail, so much for my xbox one x karma. They bring back my ID and stuff and tell me that I've been banned from that location and have no business being there. They claim that I went crazy one night and vandalized all the employees cars over some kind of drama. I have zero clue what they are talking about but just like I told the cops, I'd gladly never be back just to be allowed to leave on my own free will. They let me go with out pressing any charges. But this still has me a little shook that they are going to somehow ban me from getting my fairly wont xbox from another location. It makes me feel so much less for utilizing all the tips that everyone has shared here as far as how to win. I almost went to jail over trying to get some food after getting off work at the bar that I work at. How messed up is that? Thank goodness I won, It makes it a little easier to take.

Just received notification from the FedEx Delivery Manager! Looks like stuff is starting to update for the week. It is only a shipping label notice, but I'll take it. I've been so worried. A long time ago I did those Bing searches to earn an Xbox 360, then they denied it and said I cheated when I never did. I have had no faith in this stuff since. Here is hoping this one arrives!
I'll be at work on Thursday, so I'm having them hold it at a Fedex building. Hopefully I can still pick it up that day.

My notice came this morning. Nov 4 receipt date. I expect the "waves" are more about the length of time it will take for delivery.
what date did you guys win? Trying to figure out the waves
Won on 9/13 here. Got notice after midnight this morning, and delivery manager is saying it will be here the 2nd. It is still on "label created" though so maybe the delivery date is subject to change.

I live just outside of Houston.
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Please leave your geographic location for the confirmed deliveries.

Who's been getting the fedex info? People on the central/west US? Any east coast people rec'd their shipping info?

I won the morning of Septmeber 28th, am in NJ and still haven't received any PrizeLogic/FedEx confirmation yet.

Just a thought, but do we know when the press embargo will lift? Microsoft may have timed it with Prize Logic so that winners get their Xbox's after the press can freely talk about it. 

Signed up Friday, had to answer some verification questions and it seemed to be ready to go after that. Got my notification late last night.

This is what I get every time I try to verify

 The information you provided cannot be verified at this time. It is recommended you wait a minimum of 30 days and try again. We regret the inconvenience.

FYI the email I received last night was fedex on behalf of prizelogic. The Delivery manager just sent me the first email today when they got the package.

Does anybody know yet if this is the Project Scorpio Edition?
It's the regular Xbox One X, not the Scorpio Edition. IGN unboxing the Taco Bell Xbox One X.

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There are plenty of media people doing unboxings and the likes one youtube, which should mean that the embargo is over.
They can only unbox it I believe. Can't show or talk about the system once it's on.

At any rate; mine got shipped too! Scheduled to get it 11/1!

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The embargo is lifted on the 3rd. They can only unbox it until then. Thus we are morally obligated to show footage on the first and the second.

All of the promo art just shows a regular Xbox One X, so I would assume that's what we're getting. We'll know soon for sure though.

Has anyone's tracking moved? I'm guessing Fed is tossing overnight on these consoles considering they are coming from Michigan, not gone yet, and delivery eta in Tennessee is Thursday

Mine has made it to and through Ohio by the looks of it. Heading to Texas.

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