Win an XBOX ONE X With Taco Bell 8/31/17 - 10/4/17

#IGotOne at about 5:16 am CST

Won the original Xbox from Taco Bell as well... Looking forward to it, actually was planning on getting rid of my Xbone since they eliminated Xbox Fitness and bought a PS4 Pro to replace it. Now I'm assuming the X's games will be visually superior.

You can expect whatever you want,but the whole point of that contest is to give the winners the console before anyone else.
Point out to me anywhere on the site where you will receive the console before you can buy it.

They're intentionally not promoting it this way this year.

I'll wait
Again, where does it say win before you can buy?

All that said was that you can win Xbox via taco bell before any other company.

Don't get me wrong, I'll love to have it before street date but I also know persuasive marketing. If we do get it early I'll be ecstatic
"How did you get in here? Xbox One X isn't out yet."

"Taco Bell's giving fans a chance to win early with every $5 box."

I think you're taking things too literally. I don't see how it's not implying winning allows you to receive the console early.

What does "you can win Xbox via taco bell before any other company" even mean? Virtually a useless statement.

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are they doing resets like the old contest?? it seems like 24 hour period means 7am to 7pm. not the 9pm PST reset like last year? 

Congrats to all the lucky winners. I tried all different hours of the night with no luck (1am - 7:40am). I won the PSVR on just my 2nd try, last year.

So what happens after you receive an email with a winner's confirmation number? This is my first time winning something from tacobell..
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Another bust year. I remember there were a lot of CAG winners from the ps4 destiny from like 3 years ago so I am pretty sure more and more people have been entering in these taco bell contests.

The Xbox One X is the best prize they've ever done by a long shot too.
The One X bundle retails for just under $600. The golden PS4 was actually limited edition and can only be gotten through the Taco Bell promotion and were sold on eBay for a much much more.
Well, I'm out. Another year, another lost. I tried earlier and all different times this year as well. Maybe one of these years I'll have luck with one of these Taco Bell contests. 

Congrats to all the humble winners.

And to the one(s) that are wondering if you'll get it before it's released, just be happy you're getting it at all. Many of us that didn't have the luck to win would have been happy to win and not care how long it took to arrive. So be grateful luck was on your side. 

Last year they didn't verify until pretty close to ship time. I don't expect these to ship until close to Nov 7th. I got my PSVR bundle one day before official release. If I remember correctly I was in one of the last batches, having won within the final week or so of the contest. Other people received their bundles several days before I did. Of course there is no guarantee that it'll work the same way this time.

Rules say 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I also won during the gold PS4 contest and that window seemed about right for that one. So I’m not holding my breath for a suprise early bird delivery. Especially since no one has gotten the second round of emails yet
If you guys are worried, just email them and let them know you haven't received a 2nd email and you want to make sure they have all of your info. That way it is on record that you do not want to forfeit your prize and that you made an attempt to contact them. It will give you piece of mind at the very least.

Anxiously awaiting this one. Won in the final week with a free code. No second email yet for me confirming my information.
I'm guessing we'll get some sort of confirmation tomorrow or sometime soon since tomorrow is the last day to redeem any winning prizes. 

As I always said, the consoles are being shipped to the winners prior to launch.  It was never going to be anything other than that.

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