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What are you currently reading? Post here!

#3781 willieaames  


Posted 04 February 2019 - 09:53 AM

Scary movies to tell in the dark.

#3782 kellyon  

Posted 04 February 2019 - 06:07 PM

Rainbow Six for about the 4th time. Love it.

#3783 HenryFropy  


Posted 15 March 2019 - 10:14 PM

Eh? I didnt post that Ive never read an Iain Banks book in my life Im currently reading Chris Kamaras biog. Found it for ?2

#3784 mariopepper   newbuy CAG in Training   12 Posts   Joined 1.1 Years Ago  


Posted 29 March 2019 - 10:45 AM

Arch of Triumph. I almost done with it. Most of all I like getting experience during reading books. I used to write a lot of essays and other writing works using my knowledges about books and authors and the help of PapersBattle and that it very important part of my result ( good marks and reviews). I also wrote an essay about the last book I read - Arch of Triumph but there some additionals I need to replace. I advice to everyone to imrpove your own skills during spending time with the lovely book

#3785 byronDrymn  


Posted 11 May 2019 - 10:12 PM

Eh? I didnt post that Ive never read an Iain Banks book in my life Im currently reading Chris Kamaras biog. Found it for ?2

#3786 Delliar  


Posted 19 June 2019 - 03:25 PM

Lately, I started reading books about traveling and I have to say I really enjoy it. I want to share a great list of travel books, most of them I've already read and highly recommend https://travelsites.com/travel-books/

#3787 Groliso  

Posted 29 January 2020 - 05:16 PM

I'm reading The God of Small Things right now. I am reading paralel a book now about why nations are declining and I am very interested in education and its prospects. I am also interested in solving the problem. I see a lot of problems in the modern educational system of the country, but it is not enough to just see them. Something needs to be done, because everyone can criticize, but essentially all units change. As for assignment, I would advise you to watch thematic videos on YouTube. Video from the TED conferences will be especially useful. In general, the problem of organizing education is the foundation of all problems in general. Also, if you need help, here you can turn to UK writing service https://uk.edubirdie...assignment-help You can try that. The company is engaged in writing written works, judging by the portfolio they are doing very high quality.

#3788 MapleFly  


Posted 01 February 2020 - 03:28 AM

I just finished The Long Walk by Stephen King a day ago. Such an underrated Stephen King book IMO, loved every bit of it.

#3789 GodOfRandom  


Posted 22 February 2020 - 10:24 AM

Just finished "Grapes of Wrath" by Steinbeck. After you read somthing like this you are thinking "I'll start a new life from this very moment". But you lose this feeling in a couple of days :)