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Target Clearance Thread XXII

Target Clearance As Is DPCI YMMV Infinity Skylanders

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Posted Yesterday, 01:35 AM

Haha let me know if you ever have a issue of getting things out of the store lol. I live right next to the mernards down the street. I should make a target walk every Monday. You made my friends day who just bought a house he said this is awesome for my man cave lol

Did you get these at the Bridgewater Falls store in Ohio?  If so I also work the electronics department there and thanks for getting these out of my hair!  So many people pick these up thinking they're a console and bring them right back.

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Posted Today, 10:59 AM

Per a reddit post, the OP  found some Targets in his area still has clearance endcap and they're running B1G2F promo. The dude receipt is from CA if anyone wondering. Very YMMV so don't shoot the messenger.