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GameStop Trade & Promos XXVII: Values available on the website and on Android/iOS app.

GameStop trade trade-in TIV values promos credit

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The new thread format will be a work in progress but this first post will be the promos that are active and useful information, but also wikified. The second post will currently be frequently asked questions but may move it into the first post. Post three will be historical trade-in values from before the list.

Trade-in Values Available at: http://www.gamestop.com/trade

Also on GameStop app on iOS and Android



Upcoming Promotions/Information:

From GameStop employees on CAG:



GameStop.com Information (will post it when they update it)



Guaranteed $30/$40 on select games (Varying End Dates)

Rotating promo list found at http://www.gamestop....ection/trade-in

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This is a wiki post, and can be edited by anyone to keep it up to date.


Trade-in Values Available at: http://www.gamestop.com/trade
Also on GameStop app on iOS and Android

Gamestop Weekly Ad


Upcoming Promotions/Information:
From GameStop employees on CAG


General GameStop Questions

Q: What are the current GameStop deals?
A: http://www.gamestop.com/deals

Q: Any useful website codes?
A: SAVER gives free shipping on all orders $25 or more. CAG16 takes 16% off all preowned games and accessories (does not stack with website B2G1 deals). Both codes stack together. If the website won't let you use them both at the same time, just try again later.

Q: What are the benefits of being a PUR member? Should I be a PUR member?
A: Yes, you should. You get 10% more on all trade-ins, get 10% off all used games, get double the rewards points when buying used games or trading in games, and get a B2G1 coupon that works on all used games (works in store only, not online). It only costs $15 per year and comes with a magazine subscription to Game Informer (you can get it mailed to you or sent to your email digitally).

Q: How many rewards points do you get for each purchase or trade-in?
A: Non-PUR members get 10 points per every dollar spent and every dollar traded in (except for buying GameStop gift cards, which get 0 points). If you’re a PUR member, you get 20 points per every dollar spend on used preowned items and 20 points per every dollar traded in. Points usually post the day after the transaction.

Q: What is the most efficient thing to spend my PUR points on?
A: Every Cyber Monday, GameStop has a sale where all preowned rewards certificates are half off. Therefore, buying them on this day is the most efficient use of rewards points. However, the Cyber Monday coupons expire after a month, so if you have too many rewards points, you may not be able to make use of all those coupons by then. Plan accordingly.

Q: If I renew PUR when I'm already a member, will the extra year stack on top of the length of my current membership?
A: Yes. So, say your membership is set to expire in August 2025. If you renew it, it will expire in August 2026.

Q: Can I renew my PUR online?
A: Yes, via this link.

Q: Can I renew my PUR membership and still get a B2G1 coupon, even if I'm already a PUR member?
A: Yes. Be aware that you can only have one B2G1 PUR coupon in your active offers at one time. So if you renew PUR to get a B2G1 coupon, and renew your PUR again before using the coupon, you will not get another coupon. You must use your first B2G1 coupon before renewing PUR again, or you will not get another coupon.

Q: How long does it take for the B2G1 coupon to show up?
A: It usually appears within 48 hours of renewing your membership. Check your "Active Offers" on the website or on the app. If it doesn't show up within 72 hours, you need to call customer service and have them manually issue you a code.

Q: Does the B2G1 coupon work on multiple items?
A: Yes. If you buy 6 items then you will get 2 free. If you buy 18 items then you will get 6 free.

Q: Do I have to ring up the items in a specific order when using a B2G1 coupon or during a B2G1 promotion?
A: No. The system automatically sorts the items you’re buying in descending order of price, and you get every third item for free.

Q: Do PUR reward certificates I bought with my PUR point work in conjunction with the B2G1 coupon, or with B2G1 promotions?
A: They do work. However, if the items you’re buying are all the same price, you just waste the coupon. How it works is that the rewards certificate takes the specified amount off the most expensive game, and if that game becomes the cheapest game, it becomes the free game. Therefore, if you were buying one $40 game along with two $35 games, and used a $5 off certificate, the $40 game would be reduced to $35, and you’re paying $70 for the three games. However, if you buy a $40 game along with two $35 games and use a $10 off certificate, the $40 game goes down to $30, and that becomes the free game. You’re still paying $70 for the three games, effectively wasting $5 of the coupon. If you’re bad at math, just make sure that the difference in price between your most expensive game and your least expensive game is LARGER THAN your coupon amount.

Q: Is there a limit to how many items you can buy?
A: Not according to policy, but if it’s an in-demand item, some stores may not let you buy more than one of the same item.

Q: Can GameStop order me a game on their website and ship it to the store?
A: Yes.

Q: Can GameStop ship an out-of-stock game from a nearby store so that I can buy it at my local store?
A: Yes, but you have to go to your local store and ask them to do so.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: Preowned products can be returned or exchanged within 7 days, no questions asked. New and unopened items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, no questions asked. Defective products, including preowned and opened new merchandise, can be exchanged within 30 days. Like with other retailers, abuse of the return policy can get you banned from being able to return stuff.

Q: If I buy an item at one GameStop, can I return it to another GameStop?
A: As long as the item is within return policy, yes.

Q: Is there a limit on returns?
A: As of now, no one really knows. Your best bet is to do returns cautiously so that an employee won't flag your account and ban you from returns.

Q: Can you return an item in store that you bought on the website?
A: For most items, yes. Just bring the receipt. Certain items you will not be able to return in store, and this is clearly labeled on the product's page on the website.

Q: If I buy a bundle of items on the GameStop website, can I return individual items in the bundle, or do I have to return the whole bundle?
A: It depends. Sometimes, the receipt in the package will list all the items separately even if you buy a bundle, so SOMETIMES you can return individual items in a bundle. Other times, the items are listed together and you CAN'T return individual items.

Q: Can you buy something at one store, take it to another store, and return/rebuy it to take advantage of a promotion? Example, if there’s a B2G1 sale on Wii games and one store has one game I want, and another store has two games I want, can I buy the one game and return/rebuy it at the other store along with the other two games?
A: It depends on the employee, but generally this is allowed. Just let the employee know what you’re trying to do and they will most likely help you out, as this doesn’t hurt their total sales numbers.

Q: If you buy something with either a gift card or trade credit, do you have to pay sales tax?
A: For payments made with gift cards, you have to pay tax. For payments made with trade credit, it depends on the state. Some states such as Texas charge sales tax when paying with trade credit, whereas other states such as Illinois do not charge sales tax when paying with trade credit.

Q: What is a “refurbish” fee?
A: If you have a game where the disc is scratched, a portable system where the screen is scratched, a controller with buttons that stick, or something along those lines, the employee will charge you a refurbish fee on your trade in. This fee is the cost to ship the item to their warehouse so they can repair the item. This essentially means you will receive less when trading in the item. Refurbish fees can be as high as $7 for a game or accessory, and can be more for systems, depending on the issue. The higher the item trades in for, the higher the refurbish fee will be for trading it in if it is scratched, damaged, or doesn’t work.

Q: Can I buy PUR certificates from other people and use them for myself, with my own account?
A: There have been reports of both accounts getting permanently banned, so this is inadvisable. Do it at your own risk.

Q: What gift cards can I buy with GameStop gift cards and/or GameStop credit?
A: You can buy everything except gas gift cards, prepaid Visa gift cards, or eBay cards. Keep in mind some employees may not let you purchase gift cards with gift cards or credit, even though the point of sale allows it.

Q: Can I make multiple GameStop accounts?
A: Yes, you just need to use a different name, address, phone number, etc. ID is not required to make a new account, though some employees may tell you it is.

Q: So I can make like 10 different accounts to bypass the trade-in limit?
A: In many parts of the country ID IS required for trading things in, it depends on your local pawn laws. Sometimes they just check your ID to make sure it's you, but other times they will have to input information from your ID into the computer. If that is the case, you cannot do this. Anytime you trade in something and they're required to input your ID information, if that ID has already been used when trading in with another account, the two accounts become linked. Essentially, if they don't require ID to trade in where you live, then yes you can make a bunch of accounts to bypass the trade limit. If they do require ID for trade-ins, then you'll have to get someone else to make an account and trade for you.

Trade-In General Questions

Q: Where can I see my trade-in history?
A: Login on m.poweruprewards.com (mobile site only), then go to "Card Activity."

Q: Should I keep my credit on my PUR card, and how much does it hold?
A: It is advisable to keep your credit on a trade card rather than your PUR card so that your credit isn't wiped if your account gets permanently banned and wiped from the system (this is not the same thing as a trade-in ban). The PUR card and generic trade cards hold a maximum of $1000 credit.

Q: I can't find *insert product here*'s trade-in value on the website!
A: First, make sure you're looking under the correct category (game, console, electronic). Second, try the app instead of the website. Sometimes the site doesn't list values, particularly for retro games.

Q: When do the trade-in values change?
A: They usually change every Wednesday, and sometimes on Friday when there is a stealth bump weekend.

Q: What is a stealth bump weekend?
A: A stealth bump weekend usually starts on the last Friday of the month, and usually lasts until the store closes the following Monday (three days later). During this time, GameStop raises the base trade-in values of many games.

Q: Should I wait for a stealth bump weekend to trade my stuff in?
A: You might get a better value if you wait, or the values might go down in between now and then. In general, if you’re satisfied with the current trade-in value, it is best to trade your things in sooner than later. But if a stealth bump is set to start soon, it would probably be better to wait for that.

Q: Can I trade in sealed games?
A: No. Open your games before you trade them in.

Q: Do you get less trade-in value if you trade your games without cases?
A: No. If an employee tells you otherwise, they are misinformed. If they insist, just go to a different store or go to a different employee, and contact a district manager to have them talk to the employee.

Q: If you put $5 down on a game preorder before it releases, can you still incrementally trade in things and put money down on it even way after it releases without picking it up?
A: It is possible, but some employees may insist that you pick it up or pay it in full.

Trade-In Promotion Questions

Q: What are the current trade-in promotions?
A: Click this link and scroll down, and PLEASE, READ THE FINE PRINT at the bottom of the page: http://www.gamestop.com/trade

Q: What do percentage bonuses work on? If I trade in a system during a 50% bonus, will the system get the 50% bonus?
A: Read the fine print. Most times it will say “valid for games and accessories only.” Once in a blue moon a bump will apply to systems as well, but this is very, VERY rare. There are also some bonuses that apply to “electronics,” which are tablets, phones, iPods, etc.

Q: What is the $5 bonus trade-in coupon?
A: Something that employees sometimes give out. DO NOT ASK FOR IT because there is a scan of this coupon right below this FAQ. It is a generic EBC code, so you can have the employee scan a picture of it, or just type in the coupon code at the register. Have the employee scan it during a trade-in, and you will receive $5 extra credit on your trade-in. Only works for credit and doesn't work for cash. This is a flat $5, not $5 per item. This coupon works on ANY item, even if its trade-in value is below $5 (contrary to what is stated on the coupon). The employee has full discretion to deny you the coupon if you don’t have a physical coupon filled out, or if the item is below a $5 base value.

Q: Does the $5 bonus coupon stack with other promotions, i.e. a 20% bonus towards the purchase of X?
A: Yes.

Q: If I preorder something to get a bonus, how much do I have to put down on the preorder?
A: You only have to put the minimum on the item, which is usually $5 for any game or accessory. Some employees will force you to pay off the item in full, but the register allows you to put down $5 and put the rest on a trade card.

Q: If I already have something preordered and there is a trade-in bonus for preordering that item, can I still get the bonus?
A: If the item is not paid off already, then you can trade in your stuff and put some of it towards the preorder. You can pay it off in full or put as low as $0.01 on the existing preorder, and it will trigger the bonus. If the item is already paid off in full, then you can still get the bonus if you pick up the already paid-off item and trade in your stuff in the same transaction.

Q: Can I preorder multiple of the same item?
A: Yes, but keep in mind that employees can see your preorders across all different stores. So if you preorder a game at both Store A and Store B for a trade-in promo, you might raise suspicion if the employee looks at your other preorders and sees that you have the same game preordered multiple times.

Q: If I preorder something to get a bonus, can I cancel it later?
A: Yes. Canceling the preorder hurts the employee’s numbers, so if it’s an employee you like, it would be better to move that preorder money to a preorder of a different game. This doesn’t hurt their numbers and is less suspicious than outright cancelling a preorder.

Q: An employee won’t let me cancel my preorder!
A: The employee is lying, and is doing what is best for his or her individual numbers. This is illegal for them to do. Come back when there’s a different employee working, move the preorder to a different game if possible, or contact a district manager to get the situation straightened out.

Trade-In Limits

Q: What are the trade-in limits per item?
A: You can trade in up to 4 items per platform per rolling 30 days. This applies to games, systems, accessories, and electronics. Going over this limit will get you trade-banned for 90 days, and possibly more for each repeat offense.

Q: What is "rolling 30 days?"
A: Say on day 1 you trade in $1000 worth of items, and on day 15 you trade in $999 worth of items, putting you just one dollar short of the limit. Then on day 31, you can trade in $1000 more worth of items. However, you will again be a dollar short of the limit, and won't be able to trade in anything until day 46 (on which you'll be allowed to trade up to $999 worth of items without getting banned).

Q: What is the overall trade-in limit?
A: The limit is believed to be $2000 per rolling 30 days for credit, and $500 per rolling 30 days for cash. These limits are independent of each other, so you can trade in $1800 worth of stuff in credit and $400 worth of stuff in cash and not be banned. Going over either of these limits will get you trade-banned for 90 days, and possibly more for each repeat offense.

Q: Is there a daily trade-in limit on games?
A: You cannot trade in more than one of the same game, per platform, per day. Some stores may not allow you to trade in the same game on multiple platforms in the same day. If you have two copies of the same game, you CAN go to two different GameStops in the same day to trade them in.

Q: Is there a daily trade-in limit on accessories?
A: Some stores impose a limit of 2 of the same accessory per day, some don’t.

Q: Is there a daily trade-in limit on electronics or systems?
A: One of the same item per day. If the systems are different models (i.e. a 60gb PS3 and a 500gb slim PS3) then you should be able to trade both of those on the same day, but some employees may deny you. Same with electronics – if you bring in an iPad Mini and an iPad Air, then you would technically be able to trade them both in at the same time, but some employees may say no.

General Tips

Q: People are talking about “the sheet.” Where can I find that?
A: DO NOT ASK FOR IT because an external link to it is posted right below this FAQ, in huge letters. It is also posted as a link in huge letters in blackbeard4886’s signature.

Q: I clicked on the link but all I get is a random gif!
A: You’re clicking on an outdated link. Click on the one on this page, or the link in the signature of a recent post by blackbeard.

Q: I don’t understand the sheet! How do I use it???
A: Just read it for a bit and you will begin to understand the layout. It lists prices and trade-in values of games at GameStop, Best Buy, RedBox, GameFly, etc. It’s even color-coded! Hint: green = good.

Q: What is a flip?
A: A flip is buying something at one retailer and selling it to another retailer for more money than you paid. Example: Best Buy has X game on sale for $14.99. You buy it at Best Buy for $14.99 and trade it in at GameStop for $20. You just flipped X game from Best Buy to GameStop.

Q: What is a boomerang?
A: A boomerang is buying a game at one retailer, and selling it to the same retailer (but a different store) for more money than you paid. Example, GameStop has Y game on sale for $9.99, and with a trade bonus it trades in for $15. You buy it at one GameStop for $9.99 and trade it in at the GameStop one town over for $15. You just boomerang’d Y game at GameStop.

Q: So can I just buy one game and then immediately trade it in at the same store?
A: No, the employee will almost certainly flag your account. Go to a different store.

Q: Can you get caught boomeranging?
A: Employees can see your transaction history, but they have to dig a bit to find it. It takes one day for a transaction to show up in your transaction history, so it is safer to boomerang if you’re doing so in the same day. Don’t give them a reason to look up your history, and you’ll be fine.

Q: How will I know when there are flips or boomerangs?
A: We’ll probably be talking about them in the thread, and there will probably be a lot during a stealth bump weekend at the end of the month. Keep checking the sheet if you’re unsure.

Q: Is it against the law to flip or boomerang games?
A: No, but some employees take their job too seriously and will report you to loss prevention for doing so, which in turn can get your account trade banned.

Q: What can I do to not get caught flipping or boomeranging?
A: Be cool, and don’t be dumb. Unwrap all your games and take off any price stickers before you trade stuff in. Small talk is your friend!

Q: What are the best flips right now?
A: Do not ask this in the thread!!! Read through the thread and we will often post good flips that we find. Also check the Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. threads here on CAG, they often list cheap/clearance games that make good flips to GameStop.

Q: Should I trade my games now?
A: Up to you. Check blackbeard's sheet where he graciously outlines every past stealth bump by month, and see if your games are consistently bumped. Nintendo stuff tends to hold its value, Sony and Microsoft not so much.

Q: I was considering buying this game to flip but I don't know if my profit margin is good enough, is it a good flip?
A: We can't tell you how to spend your money. Some people need to at least double their money output, some are content with making $90 off a $60 purchase. Do what your budget allows and what you deem to be worth it.

Q: I have a question that isn't touched on in this FAQ. i.e., will x promo stack with y promo?
A: Feel free to ask and we will try our best to help. If nobody knows, please don't repeatedly ask. Instead, try it out and let us know! :)

:D/ Magic $5 Trade Coupon (Works on any item with a trade-in value) :D/

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Just the Barcode:

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Blackbeard's generic version:

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Gamestop/Best Buy/Redbox/GameFly Flip & Boomerang Spreadsheet

Posted ImageFlip & Boomerang Spreadsheet LinkPosted Image

Gamestop Store Locations / Inventory Spreadsheet

GS Stealth Bump Archive

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These trade-in values are really low!



Is there any way to look at what the previous values reported on a game?



Can I trade-in sealed games?



I don't want to get hassled about the values I post, how can I get the information out there?



Do trade-ins have to have their original case, insert and manual?



Will they accept my game if it is really beat up?



What are the refurb fees on games?



What are the refurb fees on consoles?



I have a Collector's/Limited/Special edition of a game, do I have to trade-in all of the extras?



Why didn't the percent bonus go for my accessory for a system that was included?



I traded in a bunch of games for the "Trade X, get $X bonus" promo and it gave me the percentage bonus instead?



Can I trade in multiple copies of the same game?



What all do I have to trade in for a console trade-in?



Can I trade in a defective/broken console?



What is the difference between PowerUp Rewards and PowerUp Rewards Pro?



How much does a PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription cost?



What bonuses come with having an PowerUp Rewards Pro card?



Does the Power Up Rewards Card give me a bonus on hardware trade-ins?



What if I want cash instead of credit, what do they deduct?



Does promo "....." have a minimum trade-in value?



I used a Power Trade promo for a pre-order, can I cancel that pre-order and get the credit or move it to another game I want?



I just tried to use a promo that has a select list of games eligible, but they say my game isn't eligible anymore, what gives?



Can I stack two different trade-in promos?



If I pay for an item using all credit on my card, do I have to pay sales tax?



If I buy a used copy of a game that requires an online pass for multiplayer, will it come with an online pass?



What states charge sales tax on purchases paid in full with credit and which ones don't?



My state doesn't charge sales tax on purchases made by credit, why is gamestop.com charging me tax?




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Xbox One Hardware



Xbox One Games



Xbox 360 Hardware



Xbox 360 Games



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Posted 18 November 2014 - 02:05 AM



Nintendo Wii U Hardware



Nintendo Wii U Games



Nintendo Wii Hardware



Nintendo Wii Games



Nintendo 3DS Hardware



Nintendo 3DS Games



Nintendo DS Hardware



Nintendo DS Games



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Playstation 4 Hardware



Playstation 4 Games



Playstation 3 Hardware



Playstation 3 Games



Playstation Vita Hardware



Playstation Vita Games



Sony PSP Hardware



Sony PSP Games




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Okay got the basics in place. Wiki'd the first post so people can make changes, add promos, and so on.


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Shipping ruins it

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Me confused. Why advertise "guaranteed $30/$40" for COD: Advanced Warfare if base value is $35 ($38.50 PUR) on all systems according to new trade-indicator thingee? Me worried that might be mistake, so anyone actually trade last-gen yet?

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Me confused. Why advertise "guaranteed $30/$40" for COD: Advanced Warfare if base value is $35 ($38.50 PUR) on all systems according to new trade-indicator thingee? Me worried that might be mistake, so anyone actually trade last-gen yet?

That's...a very good question, actually. :-k

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Do we know if :ps4: gta v will have a guaranteed $40 tiv promo?

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Those coupons funded my PS4 lol


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Posted 18 November 2014 - 04:48 AM

LOL, I still have a lot, and I was just about to post the same thing as you haha


No employees at my local store would give me more than one, then I asked at another store and she gave me a big stack of them. I probably still have a bunch in a pocket on my backpack I used to use.


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Posted 18 November 2014 - 04:55 AM


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Posted 18 November 2014 - 06:20 AM

Is the double B2G1 coupon glitch from the PUR renewal still active? Anyone tried it in a while?


I was relying on a legitimate B2G1 sale on Black Friday. Not this $20 and under BS. If the double coupon glitch is still active I may still have a chance to salvage my remaining GS credit.

Open spoiler at your own risk.