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The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

2016 yard sale yard garage garage sales finds haul

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 02:48 AM

I didn't go out much, probably less than 10 days total all summer but I got a Tecmo SuperBowl II Complete and Tecmo Superbown III Box and Cart for $5 each.

An Xbox 360 w/ 60Gb HD, Wireless Controller a really nice expensive HDMI cord, a cool Xbox 360 Flightstick controller and COD Black Ops III for $22.

A Samsung 42" Plasma TV, $55. I wasn't too excited about it being Plasma but they showed me it worked fine and my parents really needed a new replacement for their 40" Toshiba LED as the HDMI ports went out on it. I took a chance on it because of the price and it's a Samsung. It worked out great as the picture is awesome and my folks are happy.

Plasma has the best PQ you're going to get aside from OLED. Nice find!

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The Punisher

Posted 18 December 2016 - 08:46 PM

had quite a few good finds but the best this year is either rule of rose cib for $20 or a gamecube system with the component cable for $40.

The CAG that got a gameboy micro probably had the best find. You also got the best luck finding stuff luckycollector.


Been slow since its winter, but found the following:


A wall-e mini speaker $1 (Great for the office desk)

A wall-e bigger mid size $3

Both wall-e make sounds, blue eyes light up. The small one use to dance, but doesnt sometimes. Anyone have  these? Dont know much about them.

A As Seen On TV VR headset for Android and Iphone $1 (It was only a $1, so why not)

Battlefield 4 xbox one $5

Gears of war with rare replay xbox one $5

Lego Jurassic world xbox one $5.


Anyone know Gungrave dvd complete series? Whats a fair price? Just want to watch it since never seen before.

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Posted 31 December 2016 - 01:00 AM

Closing the thread. Here is the 2017 one!



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