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SNES Classic Discussion Thread

SNES Classic Super Nintendo

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Posted Today, 08:49 PM

finally got a red bundle to check out for my kid disaster averted now im trying to tell her trade for my vanilla from this morning lol. 


Not everyone is paying off scalpers. Plenty are going without that would never have been interested in the first place at a higher price point. People seem to think these are worth a lot more than they actually are, but part of that is the demand driven by hype and speculation, not actual interest in the product on its own merits. Nintendo knows what they are doing, though; for every one who swears off Nintendo forever there are ten who are being caught up in the hype. Honestly, if I knew I'd always be able to buy an NES Classic at MSRP, I probably never would have bought one. How many people in this thread even have actually played theirs in the past week if they did get one?

Thanks for clearing that all up. And who care sabout everyone as long as theres a market like there is for a product like this some people not named everyone will pay lol. 


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Posted Today, 08:50 PM

I went out and managed to get one preordered at the the second GS that I visited.  I hadn't much luck with the online options, so I lucked out trying in store.  I visited a third GS while I was out and I heard him say they were sold out of in my town.  We have 4 GS stores.  That didn't take long. 


While at the third one, I did pick up one of those nes joysticks for the NES classic since it was on clearance.  I'm not sure when I'll use it, since I haven't gotten around to opening my nes classic.