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#26611 Strider Turbulence EX  

Strider Turbulence EX

Posted Today, 04:54 PM

Just reminding everyone that the last Conker game was a super cheap expansion to Project Spark that has since been removed from the storefront. It is straight up criminal how negligent MS has been with it's IPs.

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Posted Today, 07:08 PM

So looks like at least portions of WB Games division and companies maybe going on sale again with the whole WB Media sell/merger. Time to hope and pray Microsoft gets to it before EA.

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Posted Today, 07:56 PM

Yeah, you do but it’s not like signing up for a credit card. It’s just a debit card tied to your CashApp account. And you also get the number right away. Don’t need to wait for the physical card.

Then you add cash to use it. I only add money got each purchase after the discount so I know it works without getting overcharged. :)

It’s easy once you start doing it.

Thanks for the help with this. I used Bing points and the Cash App boost, so it was $18.75 oop. Now let’s hope it is as good a game as it looks!
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