Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread IX

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Amazon has some great warehouse deals, and most of their used games are in like new condition. Please post specific deals you find via Warehouse deals in this thread. Check latest posts for the newest deals, or click the link below.


Amazon Warehouse Deals Storefront - I usually go here just to check out things.

**All titles are available for FSS with orders over $25**
**There is no guarantee how long these will be in stock, so if you see something, better grab it fast**

Link To Items By Price:

$0-$24 Deals
$25-$49 Deals
$50-$99 Deals
$100-$199 Deals
$200-$499 Deals

Browse Games by Console: (These are somewhat broken now, as Amazon has updated their search system and made it even worse)

:3ds:Nintendo 3DS

PS Vita

:psp:Sony PSP

:360:Xbox 360



Wii U



What is Amazon Warehouse Deals?
Warehouse Deals is part of amazon that has open box, generally like new items.

Is the Amazon Warehouse Deals return policy the same as Amazon's return policy?
Yes, All purchases are eligible for Amazon customer service and 30 day return policy.

I'm using the games sort by console link, and the games will not sort by price properly. What is wrong?
You aren't doing anything wrong, the sort by price feature on Amazon is broken

I'm waiting for a 360, ps3, 3ds, or PS Vita to pop up.. What time do they usually appear?
They can show up any time, the best way to find it is have the item tabbed on your browser, and download an auto refresh app and frequently check it... Sometimes they will not pop up on amazon warehouse deals storefront, you will need to check the "used" section of the item

Why did all the prices of games randomly jump up?
Games on warehouse deals generally go on a cycle. They will get extremely low, great deals.. Then they will jump back up and restart the cycle of falling in price again.

I have a gaming credit and/or an Amazon gift card. Can both of these be applied to Warehouse Deals orders?
Gift cards can be applied to orders made on warehouse deals, however video game credit is only good for items shipped and sold by "", warehouse deals does not count as this.

What was Penny Deals?
In early September of 2011, tons of newer release, more expensive games popped up for 1 penny each. Many CAG members placed orders, expecting them to get cancelled. Some were cancelled, however many CAGS got a large amount of games for a penny each. There has been no confirmation what exactly happened and why these games were sold for a penny.

What condition are products from Warehouse Deals generally in?
Usually, games are re-shrinked wrap and almost in perfect condition. Any game i have personally ever bought has in like new condition. However, some people have reported that games were scratched with stickers on the insert. Consoles are also usually reported in like new or new condition with box damage. Rarely, a console may be missing a key component such as a power brick. Games listed in "acceptable" condition likely have very beaten up cases, or are missing cases, and are in not so great condition, but generally have a working game disc.


Here is an example of a like new handheld (PS Vita) - Thanks Slixshot

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Thanks Poker for the new thread. :D

In case anyone missed this in last thread:

:360: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - Glossy Black (A) $21.68
:360: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Limited Edition (LN) $18.20
:360: FIFA 14 (VG) $34.62
:360: Batman: Arkham Origins (VG) $34.51
:360: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (LN) $28.10
:360: Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition (VG) $27.69
:360: Tomb Raider - Steelbook Edition (A) $16.52 (VG from NextWorth) $19.26 (LN) $20.66
:360: Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition (A) $15.75 (LN) $19.69
:360: Tomb Raider (LN) $14.84
:360: The Walking Dead (LN) $14.84

:ps3: Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition (A) $19.83 (G) $21.48

:ps3: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition (VG) $14.85
:ps3: The Sly Collection (G) $14.76
:ps3: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (VG) $13.85
:ps3: Under Defeat: Deluxe Edition (A) $11.70 (LN) $14.62
:ps3: Max Payne 3 (A) $8.90 (LN) $11.13

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Just in time for the release of PS4 and Xbone.

I'll be watching the thread like a hawk. I wonder what the prices will be for dingers or returned consoles.

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New thread! Try to keep this spoiler free please. SMT IV was already ruined for me.

Y'all ready for some next gen AWD deals?!

Man, I cannot believe how quickly Arkham Origins showed up for under $30 on AWD!  You'd think the game got review scores in the 2s and 3s or something!

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I just traded in Arkham Origins to Best Buy for 42. Considering I paid 60 but got 10 back, it was basically an 8 dollar 2 week rental

Honestly its a LOT better than reviewers made it out to be. Just as fun, if less polished technically than Arkham City. But IMO the side quests and post game content are really lame.

The riddler "challenges" barely exist, and once you beat the game theres no reason to randomly just fight baddies unless youre a trophy whore

That said, it is virtually impossible to platinum this game, since you have to beat the "i am the night" mode which is ultra hard, no HUD and if you die ONCE its game over.

For a long 15 hour campaign thats absurd

Man, I cannot believe how quickly Arkham Origins showed up for under $30 on AWD! You'd think the game got review scores in the 2s and 3s or something!
MP dead since day one and the flood of freezes and corrupt saves killed value fast like tdu2 syle.

still hasn't updated the thread info about shipping costs...... Yeah most people probably don't read the first post anyway but it's a waste of time and space to have outdated information that will only confuse those that do bother to read it.

That's a really good price of Ni No Kuni... wish I could afford it right now. :p
not really since you still have to pair it up with something for the free shipping and the new copy is only a couple bucks more. stupid 35 saver shipping. Oh how I miss the 25.

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