AVENGERS 2: Age of Ultron (5/1/15) - Final Trailer

[quote name='Clak']That seems to be the way they're portrayed, especially Cap and Stark. Because really, in a hand to hand fight without his armor, Stark would get his ass kicked. And to the point that Cap is a symbol of the past and Stark spends his time thinking of the future.[/QUOTE]

I agree, Stark in IM1 and IM2 is nothing without his armor. Bruce Wayne could kick his ass in a second :D
I hope this is good. Marvel has had a good run past few years. Thor was better than I thought and xmen first class was really good. My only grip is that kid playing cap can not act worth a shit, I mean he was terrible in everything else Ive seen him in. I just really hope marvel has learned its lessons from the 2 hulk movies, xmen 3 and spiderman 3.

But shit, it has tommy lee jones, it cant be all bad.
Iron Man was a great character driven movie with a great lead and really likable supporting characters. That's really what every comic book movie should aspire to be. Since all the comic book nerds already know what's going to happen anyway, there's no point in slavishly trying to please them. It seemed like Green Lantern's screenplay tried to do that and well... you get Ryan Reynolds fighting a giant yellow blob made of fear.

I just hope for this one they put story first and take whatever liberties they need to make sure it is decent.
I hope this is a good movie. Thor was a little undercooked but I heard there will be a Thor 2 in the future. There is soo much more they can do with that franchise.
[quote name='whoknows']I thought him building the suit was kind of interesting, but I was pretty bored outside of that. The end fight is probably the worst ever. It was so...anti-climatic.[/QUOTE]

You must be talking about Iron Man 2, right? The boss fight in the first Iron Man was so much better, though still nothing special. But Iron Man 2's boss fight lasted seconds and was a complete downer.

As for this movie, I'm looking forward to it more than any other film this year. Love me some Cap.
[quote name='camoor']The previews strike me of an edgier, more polished Rocketeer. IMHO that's a good thing.[/QUOTE]

It should, isn't it directed by the same guy?
Oh wow that was awesome, looks like Stark is going to be a point of friction, I figured that. Also like what little is shown of Cap's modern costume.
Mother fucker's really gonna happen, like for real. No matter how much you read about it, it doesn't prepare you for when it actually brings about a real, actual product.

Captain America breaks 2011's comic book midnight record, taking in $4M

Marvel's last film before the Avengers' release next year, “Captain America:The First Avenger” racked up a solid $4 million in midnight screenings on Thursday night, according to studio estimates.

The star-spangled superhero beat out the rest of this summer’s comic book brethren in its late night screenings.

Of the competition, Fox’s “X-Men: First Class” racked up $3.38 million, “Thor” banked “$3.25 million, and “Green Lantern” grossed $3.35 million.
[quote name='Psykoboy2']You know...get the hulk one that was just released and post those side by side...nice panorama.[/QUOTE]

I just noticed they fit together, I'm guessing Hulk is tied to Captain America's art.
Just merged the promo images into a single image, but it's too wide for my 1680x1050 display. It still looks cool, just shrunk down. I'll upload it somewhere if anyone is interested.
so I saw the leaked video footage from the post credit scene for CA..


shit that movie is gonna cost Marvel and the distributor a shit load of money to produce but the end profits will cover that and more :|
More pics from the set:

Chris Evans arriving covered in a cloak:

Evans partly wearing the new Captain America suit:

Evans with the Cap helmet:

(Video) of Gun Fight between Police and mystery villain:

Destruction of "New York":

"New York" gets blown up:

(Video) of Explosions

(Video) of Explosions with Gun Fight vs ???

Mysterious ship wreckage:
You know, I kinda of wish they'd given him something closer to an actual mask/cap than a helmet. Maybe it's not a helmet, but it looks kinda weird.
Yeah, Cap's head piece does look weird. Then again, so did the one in pics from his movie, and it ended up looking better in motion.
has to be skrulls.... which is awesome... BUT it definitely takes it into a super suspend your disbelief realm with them. Which is fine because they should be making these for comic fans not for the general audience.

They are slowly turning up the nerd heat!
CA getting thrown out of a building is nothing to get excited about. It's part of an action scene....either that or someone gets pissed at the captain and kicks his ass out the window. (hulk maybe?).

I am waiting for what the aliens might look like or even their name...now that would be a spoiler.
Love how the people watching the scene have no idea what they're filming, but just know that something's about to happen so they just keep their camera's focused on the building.

Then you hear Joss Whedon in the distance yell "action" and next thing you know you see Captain America being thrown off a window of a building and the crowd goes "What!!! Oh my $$%#!" :cool:

Wasn't expecting a possible alien invader but after seeing Captain America, especially in the beginning with the intro of Schmidt and explanation of the cube, etc, I can definitely see how the Avengers could incorporate having "aliens" in the movie.
anyone think we are going to see more of Iron Man (CG) than tony stark? I just have the feeling that we will see Tony in a few scenes and just hear him as IM for the rest of the movie...
[quote name='ITDEFX']anyone think we are going to see more of Iron Man (CG) than tony stark? I just have the feeling that we will see Tony in a few scenes and just hear him as IM for the rest of the movie...[/QUOTE]

The movies do have that silly tendency to open his faceplate up constantly (exposing him to danger), so I'm sure we'll see a fair amount of RDJ too.
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