List of all FREE Xbox Live Marketplace content (2.0)

Truly the end of an era. Can’t believe we’ve all been here for years. But I’ll keep coming back and posting free stuff even though there won’t be anymore GWG games. Love you guys.
No links but if you go into Avatar Editor and search a little, there are some Starfield shirts and a Gears Of War anti-suicide shirt, all free.
Borderlands is celebrating their launch of Pandoras Box as well as several Borderlands anniversaries.

The celebration will be going on through whole of September, so there will be even more codes coming up next week. (I'll update the Post then)

Below you'll find tons of different codes that can be redeemed at (or in-game in their respective games). All codes expire Oct 31.

I'll start with the codes that can be redeemed multiple times for all of their games. (Borderlands GOTY, Borderlands 2, Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 3)

Redeemable for all Borderlands Games

  • 3x Golden Keys - RR6TT-SBJ3T-BBJJJ-TBJ33-FTBFX
  • 3x Golden keys - FRRJT-FJ3BB-BBJB3-TJTBT-B9B65
  • 3x Golden Keys - 6RRBJ-C33BT-BJJ3T-J3TJ3-SHC5B
  • 3x Golden Keys - XFXJB-3BBJT-B3BJB-3JJ3B-F5X96
  • 3x Golden Keys - RRRJT-B5TB3-J3JBJ-BJJJB-WTHSS

Borderlands GOTY

  • 1x Elephant Gun (Sniper Rifle) - CTWTB-X6TBH-WBXT9-B3JTJ-3JKS5
  • 1x Lady Finger (Pistol) - CTKJB-KFTJ9-CJXJS-3TB3J-3ZC6C
  • 1x TK's Wave (Shotgun) - KTC3J-TXB39-5TF3Z-T3TJB-TCFBX
  • 1x The Sentinel (Combat Rifle) - CTWBT-Z6JJS-CBRJ9-3TJJJ-ZX3CK

Borderlands 2

  • 11x Golden Keys AND 1x Volcano (Sniper Rifle) - CTWTB-X9ZHB-XBXT9-B3JTJ-3JKW6
  • 1x Unkempt Harold (Pistol) - CTKJB-KHZS3-FJXJS-3TB3J-3ZCKF
  • 1x Conference Call (Shotgun) - KTC3J-TZH93-6TF3Z-T3TJB-TCFKH
  • 1x Shredifier (Combat Rifle) - 5TC3B-J33TW-63R3S-JJ3JT-K6TCF

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

  • 1x Skullsmasher (Sniper Rifle) - KKK3B-X535J-9S363-BBJJ3-SH53T
  • 1x Maggie (Pistol) - CWK33-5K3C3-99BXJ-3TB3B-C5SWB
  • 1x Heartbreaker (Shotgun) - KKK3J-T53K3-HZB6T-JBJJ3-JSFJH
  • 1x Hammer Buster II (Assault Rifle) - WCCB3-SCTK3-SZ3XB-3B3JB-5CFRS

Borderlands 3

  • 1x Diamond Key - 5H5JB-B6X3F-5SJRW-ZBBTB-9W5JX
  • 1x Lyuda (Sniper Rifle) - WS5BJ-H56BR-C9JFK-ZB3J3-XCXHR
  • 1x Diamond Key - W953J-FCFBF-C936K-9TTBJ-WFXWK
  • 4x Golden Keys & 1x Diamond Key & Hellshock (Pistol) - CS5TJ-HJXB6-WSTRC-Z3T3J-W5TTZ
  • 1x Diamond Key - C9WTT-6JXTR-WS3RW-H3TTJ-HFWS9
  • 1x Hellwalker (Shotgun) - 59CTB-CBXTF-59BF5-SBTBB-ZFFZS
  • 1x Diamond Key - K9C3J-3TFBF-K9JFC-Z33T3-9HJH9
  • 1x Rowan's Call (Assault Rifle) - KZWTB-KXR36-WZJ65-ZT3BT-563ZF
  • 1x Diamond Key - WSK3T-6XFJF-5STRC-9TJJJ-BBTXR

Update 1: Added The Sentinel (Combat Rifle) Code to Borderlands GOTY

Update 2: Added The Shredifier (Combat Rifle) Code  for Borderlands 2

Update 3: Added Hammer Buster II (Assault Rifle) Code for Pre-Sequel

Update 4: Added Rowan's Call (Assault Rifle) Code to Borderlands 3

Update 5: Added another Diamond Key to Borderlands 3 and another 3 Golden Keys redeemable for all Games.

P.S. According to their official account every Weapon comes at "Max-Level" no matter what level you are, however not sure if it is the "Base Game" max or Max with DLC.


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I'm at the level cap for GOTY and 3, so I redeemed those codes.

In GOTY, the weapons were at L67 instead of L69.

In 3, I redeemed them from the mail in the Social menu.  All were at the level cap.  Before redeeming the sniper, I set the Mayhem level to 11 and the gun ended up with Mayhem Level 10.

Something odd's going on with 2.  I had played through it on the 360 and recently started the Handsome Collection version from scratch on my Series X.  None of the codes I redeem through the web site end up showing up in my HC version.  I had gone through my 360 saves recently to see if I could get some useful guns by character transfer, and I had 242 Golden Keys.  After redeeming the above codes, I checked and was still at 242 keys.  In the HC version itself, I redeemed some active key codes I found out on the web and those ended up on my HC character.  So if you played through 2 on the 360, be wary of redeeming on the web.

Wonder if I can get to the level cap before those codes expire.

Had also started the HC Pre-Sequel (TA Bean Dive), but haven't gotten to Concordia yet to see if they're available.

In case anyone is doing Warframe on Xbox-

As Warframe has been supporting a Battlebot, they are giving access to a code until Oct 15th.

Use code HACKSMITH-BOT. It will give 3 items including a 3 Day Affinity Boost, a Helios (or a Companion space if you already have Helios), and a Domestic Drone as a decoration

Have fun playing and keep on getting free


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Off topic (slightly):

Just found this website called

Allows you to see price drops and other information for the major gaming platforms as well as mobile.

You can also create an account to set and save your preferences for example if you want only see apps and games that have gone free from paid etc.
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Now if only we could get the instruments for Rock Band 4 without spending a small fortune. :)
Only issue I have is for the past few years renting a basement instead of before (living with parents). I really don’t want to make a-lot of noise to cause a disturbance (loud audio plus drumming to enjoy the game). So l haven’t played unfortunately for a long time now.
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