Madden 16 Official CAG League - Spots Open! League Progressing! Draft! Panoramic15 Now Commissioner!

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Ok...trying to set up the franchise and I'm so confused. The way I looked at team OVRs before was just doing a "Play Now" game and scrolling through the teams. But after loading up this new roster, all the teams show the same OVR that way. But when I start the franchise, and it asks me to pick my team, holy crap are the ratings different.

For example, my team (Vikings) shows a 77 OVR in Play Now, but an 85 OVR when starting a franchise with the same rosters. The Titans also changed from a 72 to an 80...the Ravens from an 85 to an 89...the Patriots from a 91 to an 86...and the Broncos went down from an 89 to an 85. What in the hell is going on?

I mean, I guess I could understand ratings going up since the rosters were expanded before and included scrub players that didn't make 53 man rosters. But how did teams like the Pats and Broncos lose that many points? And how is the Titans defense rated higher than the Packers? What did you do, EA?

If anybody wants to check this out themselves, just go into the franchise creation screen and get to the part where you pick your team. You can back out without doing anything, but just take a look. The numbers are way different.

EDIT - Holy shit, I just noticed one more. The Colts went from an 87 OVR to a 79 OVR. They're rated lower than the Titans...

All right...I'm going to just let this sit until somebody else can take a look at it. It's making me feel like I have to be doing something wrong. It makes no sense.

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The other thing worth noting is these are not 53 man rosters. It looks like most of them have at least 60 players and some have as many as 65.

What this means is we have to do the preseason so the CPU doesn't cut players in the sim. Shit can't ever just be easy, haha.

All right, somebody else on Operation Sports noticed the issue with team ratings.

So glad for the update and roster updates been waiting to start a franchise!

I am having a problem though...

When I create a Franchise I use the Cloud option... then hit start Franchise and Use Active Roster(Recommended) and then it imports 2532 players in the loading screen.

Now when I go to select a team it seems like these rosters are wrong...

Seahawks are a 92
Colts a 79?
Ravens a 89?
Patriots are a 86?
and the Panthers are a 86 also??? with Cam a 93???

Doesn't seem right... Any advice? Am I doing something wrong?
And this is the response they got:

I think those overall totals are based on how players fit in the coaches scheme. So if Cam is a 93 then Rivera's coaching scheme for QB is probably "mobile." I would assume the Colts personnel doesn't fit Pagano's scheme's in game. It doesn't mean the players are bad
So, I don't know. I've always felt the scheme ratings were super dumb. It just makes the numbers mean less and less. And when you reach a point that your numbers start to suggest that the Titans are "overall" a better team than the Colts, you might as well not have any numbers because that shit is stupid.

With that said, I'm just going to create the damn league.

Ok...I THINK invites have been sent out. The system is clunky as hell this year and there's no confirmation at all after doing it. Even when you look at the League Options screen, and choose Send Invite, it shows a screen for Pending Invites, but no matter what you do, it stays blank.

So, if you guys don't have an invite, maybe just try searching for "CAG Madden". And if it asks for a pw, it's "cagls".

Now...IMPORTANT things for joining.

1. YOU MUST CREATE A COACH. No joining with existing coaches. Somebody will screw this up. Someone always does. If you fail to create a coach, I'll have to boot you and you'll have to do it over again.

2. DO NOT SIGN ANY FREE AGENTS. Free agents are off limits until we organize a time to divy them up (which will most likely be a round of drafting around Week 4).

Other than that, look over your roster, and figure out who you need to cut. The rosters have more than 53 players. We won't be playing the preseason, but I'll probably give people a couple days to join and get their rosters trimmed. The sooner you do this, the sooner we can play real games and get this thing moving.

If you have any questions, or are unsure about anything, please ask before just doing it. Thanks!

No one has Atlanta can I play my preseason game
Well, I'm not really sure how the XP system works this year, in the interest of keeping things fair, can you maybe not? Isn't there a full team unlimited practice mode this year? Since we're planning on skipping this first preseason, it might be better for people to just do that so nobody gets a jump start on XP.

I'm not sure how it works cause it says I have no time to do any training for my team but that's fine just figured I'd ask
Yeah, I have no idea, haha. I'll try to look later. I just remember EA boasting about "Now, you can practice as much as you want whenever you want." Who knows if that's even available yet though. The franchise menus look so different this year. It took me a few minutes just to figure out how to send invites.

Hey I got excited and jumped on the league just saw that we were suppose to create a coach totally my fault what do you want me to do
Wow...Panoramic even did it? The layout of the menu is a little confusing, but I'm surprised to see a returning player make that goof.

I'll have to get on the game and kick you all out. Then you'll have to be invited and rejoin. I can't promise when I'll be able to get to that though.

I really can't stress enough though...reading is important, guys. I don't want to make anybody feel bad, but let's try to remember, every time somebody screws something up, it creates extra work for me.

EDIT - Just looked, and it seems you were mistaken about the Jags, Matt. It was Seattle and Oakland. Panoramic still has a pending invite.

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Ok, the two players who missed the memo have been booted and re-invited.

I'm not sure how "living" the game is this year, but I'm seeing CPU teams that made moves between when I looked at the transactions last night and when I just looked at them now (the Chargers signed a couple guys). I'm not sure if the coach firing/hiring is triggering that or what, but as long as no human teams are signing anybody, it should be fine.

Just remember to trim your roster to 53 players. I'd like to advance to the regular season tomorrow night if possible.

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Bears owner give me kevin white 

Also Texans have been cut to 53 and nate I'm liking your coach name

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I tried cutting my lowest TE and I accidentally cut one of my best. I just resigned him in case it looks like I was messing with Free Agents.
Here's the league website for anybody interested.

Sadly, it looks exactly the same as the past couple years. No improvements whatsoever. I can only hope it doesn't break itself and show half of our teams as not having owners like it did last year.

Also, it looks like we still have a few guys who haven't joined yet. Kaster has explained his situation, but both siradam134 and Heidenreich still have pending invites as well. I'm going to put a hard deadline of tomorrow, 9/14 at 11:59PM ET for advance. If they join and get their players cuts done before then, then we can advance early.

But ready or not, we'll be moving on to the regular season 9/14 at 11:59 PM ET!

It's the new head coach's fault: Dr. Stupid. It's his first year running an NFL Team, all his prior experience was in Cricket, he's hoping to make a late life career transition.
EDIT - Holy shit, I just noticed one more. The Colts went from an 87 OVR to a 79 OVR. They're rated lower than the Titans...
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I'll join tomorrow night around 7pm edt, and cut my players then. Spent the weekend at the girlfriends, and didn't bring the Xbox:p
Since soliddragon quoted Nate's post, it reminded me: the overall team ratings I saw when joining were different than those Nate posted. So yes, it does indeed depend upon the style of coach that you create.
Since soliddragon quoted Nate's post, it reminded me: the overall team ratings I saw when joining were different than those Nate posted. So yes, it does indeed depend upon the style of coach that you create.
Yeah, but don't you pick your team before creating your coach? That's when I saw them. And what I saw was the same as what was posted on OS.

If anything, it should be each team's scheme rating in relation to their real coach.
Nevermind. I guess Madden knows everything. Colts, Texans, and Jags lose today. Titans score more points in the first half than they did in any ENTIRE game last season and rout Bucs. Mariota had more TD passes than he did incompletions. Titans in first place. Clearly, Super Bowl bound, lol.

Of course, I don't really think that. They also beat the Chiefs in their opener last year and then got one win the rest of the season. Today I think just showed that they chose the better QB and he basically carried them in beating a bad team. The defense was ok...but had some tackling issues that better teams will make them pay for. But man, what a difference an accurate QB makes. 3rd and 10 isn't 3rd and forever like it has been the past few years.

Cowboys are ready, I have been finishing up my skills training, have 29 gold medals, going to try and finish the rest today if kids let me.

I need to eventually try an online match. Maybe I'll do a Draft of it instead of the 3 match with computers.
Trimmed my roster to 52. Dolphins Don't carry a FB. How do i handle this:D ?
You mean they didn't have one on the roster but the game requires one? Umm...I guess sign the lowest FB? And then when we do the draft style free agency, I guess you can swap him out if you think you need to. Obviously, if you want to start one of your other HB at FB instead of the shitty FA pickup, that's fine. Weird situation.

Well, fuck...

In my excitement and haste to get the league advanced, I forgot to turn injuries off before simming the preseason. God fucking dammit, man...

Apologies to the Eagles and Packers who got hit with the worst injuries. Both Mark Sanchez and Randall Cobb are basically dead...

Oh, what I wouldn't give for an "undo" button. I seriously didn't even think about it since we didn't touch preseason (I couldn't even figure out how to practice or anything).

Sooo...yeah. Sucks, but it is what it is.

We're in Week 1. The deadline will be 9/18 at 11:59PM ET.

I lost foster for 3 weeks in the preseason sim and I'm missing him Blue had 13 carries for 1 yard.

Glad I all the games are cpu for now.

Damn, my starting DT Dominique Easley went down. Just like in real life...
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Just to make everybody feel better, I lost Kyle Rudolph (starting TE) for 4 weeks. Then in my game against San Francisco, Jerick McKinnon got a "bruised sternum" injury on a TD run where he was never touched (he has an injury rating of 85). Fortunately, he only missed the rest of the game, but it still seemed really odd.

Also, watch out playing against the CPU. They can be huge benefactors of that stupid neutral zone infraction glitch since they do so many fake snaps. I had one play where I moved my DT backward and still got called for it (and yes, it was on him). They got it at least 3-4 times. It's really dumb and I hope they fix it for the ones where you don't actually step forward into the neutral zone.

I also saw quite a few holding and blocking in the back penalties. Thanfully, those were a little more equally distributed, but it still felt a bit Mario Party-ish.

bread's done