Target - $4.99 - Select Nintendo 3DS games


14 (100%)

Mario 3D Land
Zelda OoT
Zelda Link Between Worlds
DK Country Returns
Luigi Dark Moon

all titles listed below are 4.99
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds (I bought this one)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Super Mario 3D Land
Nintendo Selects: Ultimate NES Remix - Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Selects: Animal Crossing™: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Nintendo 3DS (I will be buying this one at my target asap)
Project X Zone 2 Nintendo 3DS
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D already removed from the site listing but some people have found it in store.

Other items
Mario Kart 7 $14.99
New Super Mario Bros. 2 $14.99
Detective Pikachu (Nintendo 3DS) $24.99
Minecraft (New Nintendo 3DS) (Nintendo 3DS) $14.99

Games I can't see the price on because it is out of stock and has price only visible when added to cart
Puzzles & Dragons Z + Puzzle and Dragons Super Mario Edition Nintendo 3DS
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Nintendo 3DS
Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Nintendo 3DS

Credit to SD
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Might be missing something but I’m not seeing DK: Tropical Freeze. I’d definitely grab that at that price tag.

The original DK 3D Returns is on here though.
Although it makes me cry a bit inside to think that I paid full price for most of these games, at $5 a piece it's a steal and something that my kids will enjoy for their own systems.  Insta-ordered.

Great deals, sadly I own them all. Either way thanks for the heads up OP.

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What a really awesome deal for some top of the line Nintendo 3ds titles.
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DKCReturns was out of stock, unfortunately, but I got both Zeldas and Luigi for $22  after shipping and tax.

Couldn't resist picking up the Zelda games. Already had Luigi and 3D Land. No Red Card, so gotta eat the shipping cost, but for ~$8 a piece, I'll survive. 

SMT IV: Apocalypse also $5 in store. I got six games for $30, crazy crazy deal!! So there are legendary deals still available.
It's not a glitch, just came from Target where they actually had signage up on the games. Also two of the games that were on the website weren't out on the shelves had to ask the guy who seemed kind of irritated that he had to go back and get them for me since I already had a stack full of games in my hand. I'm so glad I woke up and checked the forum and saw this.
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If I still had a 3DS and lived near a Target, I would be ALL up in this. Mario 3D Land, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DZelda Link Between Worlds and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.

Thanks, was able to snag the last copy of SMTIV at a local store. Had to get an employee to grab it from the back because they had already pulled it from the shelves
Went to my local Target early and picked up Zelda OoT, Zelda ALBW, and DKC3DR for my niece.


I went back to the store less than an hour later to grab :ps4: Shadow of the Colossus for $10 with Cartwheel, and all of the $5 games were gone. They were moving them after we bought some earlier. I thought they would move them closer to the front of the game section, but it seems they were taken to the backroom.

The $15 games were still out though. Considered getting Minecraft, but as a portable game, my niece already plays it a lot on her iPad and I have it on Vita. Mario Kart 7 for $15 is awesome. We got it for our nephew in December for $24 ($30 - 20% coupon).

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Awesome deal on the $4.99 games but a very good deal on some of the newer 3DS releases at $24.99 like Warioware Gold.

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Great deal! Only my speculation but stores are slow dwindling down their 3DS section. Might be a sign that a new handheld console is coming or Nintendo is sticking with just the Switch as a portable and home console.

Great deal! Only my speculation but stores are slow dwindling down their 3DS section. Might be a sign that a new handheld console is coming or Nintendo is sticking with just the Switch as a portable and home console.
I’m all for Nintendo sticking with the one console that is portable and dockable. I’d like them to adopt a a better digital family sharing plan so I can buy a game once digitally and then let both of my children play it as well. I have converted the majority of my 3ds and switch collection to digital for convenience, portability, and theft/loss risk mitigation. I’d like to share everything on another 3ds that isn’t my personal 3ds/switch (while retaining the ability to play myself)

I’d like a “kids” version of the switch (a la kids kindle) that is better designed for young ones.

And finally, I’d like a “pro” dock that allows for better graphics and performance (a la graphics amplifier).

On topic, I bought all 4 games again despite owning digital versions specifically for my son’s 3ds
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Thx. I got the 2 Zelda games a few hours ago for store pickup and they are ready for pickup 15 minutes after the store opened. Been eying those for awhile.
Found Zelda ALBW available for store pickup. What a steal! I saw on Reddit someone was able to pick up Majora's Mask for $25 in-store. Might be worth a look but YMMV I'm sure, Target doesn't list the physical copy on their website (digital is still $40).

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Some fantastic deals here.  Debating whether I want to go to my nearest store for the two they supposedly have in stock, but I think I'm talking myself out of it.

Do you have a Target near you? Probably a lot of Zeldas still available.

DKCR is a bit tougher and maybe Yoshi.
There was one copy of Zelda at one Target and one copy of DK at another. Now I just have to get to them to pick them up. How many days does Target hold them for? (I'm thinking I can make it to them on Thursday.)

Yoshi isn't as big of a deal because Best Buy and Target both do buy two get one free. So really three $40 games for $80 or Target's price would only save $5. I need to make a list of 3DS games I have and the ones I want before it's retired. I don't plan on buying a new console for a very long time. (Unless Animal Crossing Switch is amazing.)

I was able to get SM3DL by price matching at BB through online chat. While the rep at my local Target wasn't able to find the game in store, it does show as in stock at that store on their website. BB was able to pm despite being sold out for shipping since they check local stock against your zip code.

So my niece will be getting three 3DS games for her upcoming birthday (Zelda OoT, DK, and SM3DL) for $15 total. I'll hold onto Zelda ALBW for later after I know whether she enjoys OoT.

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