Wii U 32GB Black with Nintendo Land for $191.71 at Sam's Club.


Saw this over at my local Sam's. 

Phones will never replace computers. Goddmanit. Can't even copy/paste an image url.



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I saw that in october. I had them check for it and they were out but apparently was sold online only. they said it was maybe was coming back for the holidays. looks like they were just trying to get rid of any old stock they had left.
Dang!  If it wasn't for the X1 I'd get one, but my plan is to pick one up Holiday 2014, by then its bound to be $199 or less.

Sam's Club sales are always very YMMV, as most of the time it depends on the stock in store and how well they've been selling. There are so many times I've run over to Sam's hearing about a deal to find that either they're entirely sold out, or they have a bunch at the regular Sam's price.

Very tempting but I already spent most of my spare game money right now on a 2ds plus games....

I'll stop by the local store tomorrow to see if it has been discounted any.

If I see it, I'm buying.. no questions asked...... well..... come to think of it.....

$191 + New Super Mario Bros U $60 + New Luigi U $25 + tax vs the current Wii U bundle for $299 with both games included plus tax


If I see it, I'm buying.. no questions asked...... well..... come to think of it.....

$191 + New Super Mario Bros U $60 + New Luigi U $25 + tax vs the current Wii U bundle for $299 with both games included plus tax


New $43.10(fluctuates in the 40s)


Pre-owned $30 at Best Buy.......$20 with the $10 off Gamer's Club Unlocked coupon


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If u don't mind me asking what sam's club was this at?
Seekonk, MA.

I got the last one after me blabbing about it at the Walmart next door, so it's possible a bunch of people nabbed them before I was able to buy a couple. Screwed myself out of getting one for my friend.

Oh, and they apparently charge you before they get the product out of the cage. So they charged me for 2 and had me waiting for a while only to find out they had 1 left. Bastards had to give me a $10 gift card for their error.

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None in-stock near me, but I'd totally buy that. I already have Super Mario 3D World from a local Black Friday deal, but can't play it yet.

The reason its so low is cuz the NintendoLand Bundle was discontinued about a month ago. They prolly are just trying to get rid of the rest of em

Does BBY PM to Sam's Club?

Does Best Buy match the prices of a Warehouse club?
Yes. We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail competitor, has an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met. We do not match the online prices of warehouse clubs if they vary from store prices.
Now we're talking. This is what the system SHOULD be. 

Too bad Nintendo wasn't smart enough to have this price for their black friday bundle. I might have gotten one. I ended up getting a Vita "Walking Dead" bundle instead (chose one dead system over the other).  :whee: 

I wish I could have found that deal, but I'm happy enough with the $28x price I paid for a Windwaker Wii U. Good catch, OP!

This was 299.98 at a Sam's Club near me.

For those that can find it at the price in the OP, Sam's is running an open house from Dec 6-8, so non-members can make a purchase without a 10% upcharge during that time period.

Has anyone else actually found it for this price? I've called 2 Sams stores so far but their customer service sucks.. I get redirected to the electronics section and NEVER get anyone

** UPDATE: Finally got in touch with 1 of the Sams clubs here in St. Louis... its still priced at $299 in store... I'll give 1 more call to another Sams

That price might just be at the location of the OP though because there's no signs of anyone else being successful in snagging this at THIS price

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$239.xx pre-tax at my local Sam's Club. I already got the WWHD bundle for $281.xx (no tax and free shipping) at Newegg back in early october and I'm very happy with mine :)

I got my Mario & Luigi's bundle at Target $300 - 20% ($60) - 5% Red Card  = Pretty happy ").   Kinda suck i can't find Zelda Bundle ;(

The Wii U console was still full price at my store, and the dude said they never carried the controllers in the first place. Bummer.

Greatly appreciate the responses will be going to get one tommorow! this will make a great gift for my younger siblings.
Hope they give it to you. Best Buy sure has been awesome with PMing lately. Sadly, I don't think I'm going to try. Couldn't take the potential disappointment.

Welp no go... guy goes yea its still showing on their site for 300 $ so we can't pm it.... imma go to a different bb and try none of them were remotely interested and the let a yrainee try and do it...
Yeah my Best Buy is a bit too smart for this PM attempt.

Did check my local and no go on cheap Wii U gift this year

bread's done