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The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V8 ~ Summer Sale Encore Day! | Rage $4.99 | Retro City Rampage $2.99 | Crysis $5.99 | Endless Space $10.19 |

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 06:16 PM

All is lost, 3.0 has won...Lock dis shit!

I don't like having a sig, but for CAG, I figured I'd sheep along.

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#13022 indef  

Posted 22 July 2013 - 06:19 PM

Also, its the end of the sale, where is my Episode 3?


Not enough people completed the Badge Creation ARG.  We didn't make the quota.


Anyone else's lunch feel empty without reading half a dozen complaints about rehashed sales?

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 08:17 PM

I spent nothing at Amazon this sale and $15 at Steam on Borderlands 2 4-pack, Torchlight 2, and System Shock 2. Christmas 2012 it was wildly reversed. This isn't a victory for Steam as much as they had a few cheapy things that didn't cost much to add to the backlog. Having a years-long backlog changes the calculus since there's nothing you NEED; just things you WANT but can wait for a low price. Bioshock Infinite hits $20, I'm there; until then, whatever.


I was looking at my Steam screenshot gallery and I have a shot of getting an achievement in Fallout 3 that's two years old and the caption is that I hadn't played in 27 months. I still haven't finished FO3 and I bought that the day it came out, whenever the hell that was! I've got FNV waiting, too. And so on and so on...


Damn, I still haven't finished FO 3 yet either, I think I'm at the last vault though.  I've loved the game so much that I don't want it to end so I've just put it off.  I've done this with books too lol, I have 3 or 4 where I only have like 10 pages to read.

Final purchases cobbled together from the various hidden gem lists:


Agricultural Simulator 2011 - 2.49 USD

Defy Gravity - 0.74 USD

The Political Machine 2012 - 0.99 USD

Wizorb  - 0.74 USD

Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy - 2.49 USD

Fowl Space - 0.99 USD

Retro City Rampage - 2.99 USD

Under the Ocean - 2.49 USD

Go Home Dinosaurs! - 2.49 USD


Subtotal: 16.41 USD


I would expect most of these to end up in bundles very soon since whenever I buy an Indie game it almost always ends up in a bundle.

I thank you sir. :)


As usual it was nice to spend a Steam sale here with everybody


Add me if you feel like it, I'll do the same


added you on Steam, damn only 10 users reading this topic at the moment lol

Hmmmmmm...HIB next week? They've been laying awfully low lately.


yep, totally agree

thanks to everyone who made it possible by buying these during the summer sale.

This sale screams humble bundle incoming

yep, totally agree

thanks to everyone who made it possible by buying these during the summer sale.


And Bundlestars.com just sent me an email that they've started a new bundle featuring Afterfall Insanity

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 08:31 PM

For those interested and missed the Euro Truck Sim2, a link was posted on their steam forum for this site for $10. never use the site before so I dunno.




The game itself is very fun.  I definitely did not expect that I will be spending this much time on it.