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Gamestop Weekly Ad 9/13 - 9/19

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 05:58 AM



PDF - http://www.gamestop....PCMaLJgVQRL0l5w




FAQ - by Rustyra24

How do I find trade values?

Go onto the Gamestop website and search their trade index.

Why does the Trade value say NA or it’s not in their search system?

That game might ring up as 0.03 or 0.02. Some employees may take it but YMMV

These trade-in values suck!

Find some better games or use a trade in deal to your advantage. Deals can be had on $4.00 trade in games with a percent boost.

I want to post my awesome trade find!

Don’t post values from Gamestop’s website. I think this used to be the norm but was abused by guests. Please use spoiler tags for sensitive information.

What is a trade bump?

Gamestop will usually do a trade bump on certain games you just have to watch for it. This almost always gets mentioned in the forum so just wait for it.

If I save my values on the Gamestop app will they honor them the next day?

No they won’t because their POS system rings in whatever the new value currently. Don’t try arguing with the employees because sometimes they know less than you.

Can I trade-in sealed games?

No they only take open games. Please don’t buy new games and then open the game right in front of any employee. It’s lazy and it looks really bad.

Do trade-ins have to have their original case, insert and manual?

They don’t have to have the original material but the original case make life way easier and faster. They just have to scan the barcode unless it is a Walmart game. They have their own barcodes

Do Buy 2 get 1 free coupons work on multiple sets?

They used to but they changed the code. The new code is PUR PRO and only works on one set.

Will they accept my game if it is really beat up?

You will be hit with a refurb fee or they won’t take it at all. Refurb fees are depend on the value of the item. Trading in games in excellent condition creates a nice rapport with employees and sometimes they won’t even look at your games anymore.

Can I trade in multiple copies of the same game?

Yes you can but only 4, per console, per rolling thirty days.

Can I trade in two of the same game at the same time?

I wouldn’t because it makes you look suspicious and you could get banned for it. Based on the store you could possibly do it. If you are trading in like 50 games it might also get overlooked.

What is the trade limit?

You can trade in about $2000 worth of credit and $500 dollars cash in a rolling thirty days. These aren’t Hard limits so you might not get banned if you go a little over these amounts.

What happens if I get banned?

you wont be able to trade for 3 months. Based on multiple bans and the offense you could get banned forever.

Can I use my points if I am banned?

From what I understand you can still use your rewards points.

If they have a good promo should I get trade in a lot and get banned?

I would play the long game so you can trade very month.

What do I do with all this credit?

Buy games and have fun.

What all do I have to trade in for a console trade-in?

Most the time you need a controller, Hdmi input, and the power cord. This goes for most systems.

Should I erase/reset everything on the system?

This can be a catch 22 because it takes forever for them to test the machine. They should erase them after trade in but I don’t know if they do that. I would erase all pertinent information.

Can I trade in a defective/broken console?

Yes but it will be hit with a refurb fee unless they don’t catch what the problem is.

How much does a PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription cost?

It costs $14.99 a year but soon they will have an elite program with better deals.

Can I stack two different trade-in promos?

Sometimes but not very often. One example is using the $5 dollar trade in card provided by some Gamestop employees.

I don’t like my Gamestops employees?

If they do something rude or you know is incorrect. Write it on the survey and usually someone will contact you. Otherwise I try to be civil. No one likes dealing with someone crazy at their job. Please try and have respect. Things work out way better when you have a good rapport with employees just don’t spill the beans about good trades or glitches.

Do I need to do the surveys?
​The surveys really help the store and the employee. It is part of what helps a store be prestige (which could lead to special offers). The employees don't get paid much and have to put up with us, the least we can do is fill out the surveys.

My significant other thinks I am drug dealer?

Just explain to here that this is a hobby and that it is not illegal.

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 06:00 AM

RESERVED For certain items of note




Dead by daylight - 19.99



Valkryia Chronicles Remastered is also $20, cheapest the disk has been I believe. - MSUHitman


Agents of MAyhem (used) - 39.99 - Dojorkan



60% more trade in credit (for GAMES) - WHEN purchasing a preowned item (does not specify game)
​*****Until 9/17******




4 for 30 flyer   *****ends 9/17***






What else should I add? 

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 02:18 PM

Weekly Ad PDF: