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#5881 TheAggroCraig   Hummus! CAGiversary!   1425 Posts   Joined 9.8 Years Ago  


Posted 26 April 2012 - 08:56 PM

Since all of you are supposedly going to PAX Prime this year, what are the chances of a PAX Prime CAG party (similar to the E3 ones)?

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#5882 mwmike11   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   76 Posts   Joined 5.0 Years Ago  


Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:52 AM

Hey guys, love the show. The ME3 Spoilercast was fantastic. Loved getting your opinion on the ending. Wanted to pick your brain about the Extended Cut.

I've been following Mike Gamble's Twitter feed and it seems as though BioWare is in the voice over stage of the Extended Cut, which I would assume means that is one of the last things they work on for any DLC or game, for that matter. One of the rumored release dates I've heard is May 29th, but I have also heard that June 19th is the more likely candidate. Any thoughts or opinions? I would like to hope that it is May 29th, but June 19th seems likely, so that they can possibly talk a little bit about it at E3.

#5883 combatFlexo   Who are those guys? CAGiversary!   563 Posts   Joined 7.7 Years Ago  


Posted 29 April 2012 - 04:19 AM

So Long and thanks for all the podcast after listening to other podcast, your's well...it's sub-par. But thanks your the cast that got me listening to other podcast. Cheapy your poop stories will be missed. I may check your 300 podcast as a far well. Love the site.

#5884 Maklershed   Feed me a stray cat CAGiversary!   34088 Posts   Joined 11.3 Years Ago  

Posted 02 May 2012 - 07:04 PM

Happy Birthday Wombat!


#5885 detectiveconan16   Limoncello Freshness CAGiversary!   6574 Posts   Joined 9.5 Years Ago  


Posted 02 May 2012 - 09:06 PM

They've made a Perfect Strangers flash game. Is it more inspirational than Plumber Crack? http://nothingsgonnastopmenow.com/


#5886 CtrlAltDft   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   17 Posts   Joined 8.3 Years Ago  


Posted 03 May 2012 - 03:21 AM

How did you guys pay for college? Do you recommend getting a student loan?
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#5887 4thHorseman   The New God CAGiversary!   2370 Posts   Joined 6.6 Years Ago  


Posted 03 May 2012 - 12:02 PM

How come there's not more reviews on the site? As many review copies as you get, I would think I would see more than a review every 1-2 months.

Unless there's somewhere else you post them, it feels sorta rude that you spend maybe 3 minutes total on the Cagcast with your thoughts, but not actually a thoughtout review.



#5888 robodobo  

Posted 04 May 2012 - 10:43 AM

What's the new schedule for CAGcasts now? Mondays?

#5889 thorbahn3   Everyone talks too much! Super Moderators   3959 Posts   Joined 12.6 Years Ago  

Posted 05 May 2012 - 04:43 AM

So Wombat, did project wombat aka ME3 multiplayer fail its objective of getting people like you into multiplayer gaming?
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#5890 heftymadmonkey   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   4 Posts   Joined 5.3 Years Ago  


Posted 05 May 2012 - 09:41 PM

Hey CAGers! Just wondered what you guys think of Lone Survivor? I've just recently got into it and I'm really enjoying it, it seems to bring back some of the actual horror that horror games these days are missing. Also what is your view on horror games in general?

#5891 Curufinwe   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   1008 Posts   Joined 7.4 Years Ago  

Posted 09 May 2012 - 01:19 PM

Sorry if this has come up before, but how did Cheapy come to be a fan of the Flyers when he is from New York?

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#5892 TheTrueSephiroth   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   52 Posts   Joined 11.4 Years Ago  


Posted 10 May 2012 - 03:15 AM

Been listening since show 1, keep up the great work.

Do any of you have a favorite restaurant from your youth that also had a game room where you could play games, win tickets, and redeem the tickets for prizes?

My favorite was a local pizza place called Happy Joe's. The classic kid strategy was: win 100 tickets, exchange it for nothing but 100 tootsie rolls.

Thanks for the entertainment every week.

#5893 jousley   10yr Member of CAG! CAGiversary!   1606 Posts   Joined 12.8 Years Ago  

Posted 10 May 2012 - 03:46 AM

For Shipwreck. Are you still playing a your Kings of Steel pinball machine, and if so, is it still exciting?

#5894 AshesofWake   chum is fum CAGiversary!   4614 Posts   Joined 12.2 Years Ago  


Posted 10 May 2012 - 11:51 AM

You guys talk about being hairy here and there, so do you guys have any man grooming tips for a fellow HairyAss Gamer?

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#5895 jbrad001   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   8 Posts   Joined 7.0 Years Ago  


Posted 10 May 2012 - 05:35 PM

Hey guys,
I love the cagcast. I'm keeping up with the new releases and have been working my way up from episode #1 for a while now. I'm at about ep 220, so im almost all caught up.

Anyway, my question is mainly for Shipwreck and Wombat since I know Cheapy's job is CAG.
- How do you guys feel about your day jobs? Wombat, I know in the earlier episodes you had some really shitty jobs and would talk about them in the show. Has that changed or do you still dread the fact that you have to go to work every day? Shipwreck, I know you've said that you work in a cubicle and have gotten bored at work on occasion. Do you enjoy what you do or are you only doing it for the money?

Personally, I also have a cubicle job. I am miserable almost every second that I'm there and can't wait until I find something else so that I can quit. The work isn't challenging at all and i'm bored all the time. I was curious if any of you guys had to deal with the same thing and how you handled/fixed it.

Thanks for creating an awesome site and podcast and keep up the great work.

#5896 polly   Karma Policeman CAGiversary!   382 Posts   Joined 10.5 Years Ago  

Posted 10 May 2012 - 11:30 PM

Hey guys. So what's some of the funnier or puzzling hate mail you've received over the years, if any?

#5897 Xevious   Most Damned CAG Evar CAGiversary!   8908 Posts   Joined 12.3 Years Ago  

Posted 11 May 2012 - 01:03 AM

Since a pricedrop was anounced for the DSi and the DSi XL, when do you think there will be a price drop for the 3DS? Or when will a lite version come out?

Also, has Cheapy played Shadows of the Damned yet?

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#5898 Dante Devil   Uh... CAGiversary!   1650 Posts   Joined 12.8 Years Ago  

Dante Devil

Posted 11 May 2012 - 02:15 AM

Since many of you mention watching cartoons like the Avengers, do any of you collect comics or read graphic novels? Are you DC or Marvel?




#5899 lyger   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   5 Posts   Joined 7.5 Years Ago  

Posted 11 May 2012 - 04:30 AM

Cheapy. Do you think a hostess bar would work in the U.S.?

#5900 Maklershed   Feed me a stray cat CAGiversary!   34088 Posts   Joined 11.3 Years Ago  

Posted 16 May 2012 - 11:42 AM

Cheapy - what did you think of Stern's first two appearances as a judge on America's Got Talent this week?

Ship - what prompted you to get a high powered gaming PC? What do you plan to play? Are you looking forward to the new SimCity next year?

Wombat - what apps do you find you use the most on your iphone?

EDIT: FYI Ship/Wombat - Drive is on Netflix streaming as of today. Now you both can be real heroes and real human beings.

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#5901 MSUHitman   Checkmate Arcade Co-Host CAGiversary!   13394 Posts   Joined 10.3 Years Ago  

Posted 17 May 2012 - 03:08 AM

Your take on the 38 Studios situation and also of the Rhode Island media blitz as seen by this video from RI Providence Journal

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#5902 detectiveconan16   Limoncello Freshness CAGiversary!   6574 Posts   Joined 9.5 Years Ago  


Posted 17 May 2012 - 09:19 PM

Wendy's had a coupon for a small hot redhead for whatever that is. What's the weirdest fast food item you've seen?

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#5903 FriskyTanuki   Believeland CAGiversary!   62990 Posts   Joined 13.1 Years Ago  


Posted 17 May 2012 - 09:39 PM

Hey Cheapy, Shipwreck, and Wombat,

Since Microsoft and Sony have said that they're not announcing or talking about their next systems at E3, how much stock do you put into any of the rumors that are swirling about their next consoles? The Wii U rumors last year were a bit different since the flood of rumors could be proven as true or false a few weeks later during Nintendo's E3 press conference, but now we're looking at up to another year of rampant speculation until Microsoft and Sony can give us relief from the can't miss sources and ludicrous rumors that come from a friend of a friend of a crazy homeless person that lives next to a Microsoft employee. I don't see any reason to really care about any of these rumors until Microsoft or Sony pre-announces their press conference that will finally give us the information that we seek.

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#5904 Xo ColdKilla oX   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   90 Posts   Joined 9.3 Years Ago  

Xo ColdKilla oX

Posted 17 May 2012 - 11:14 PM

Thoughts on iCarly ending? :(

#5905 thorbahn3   Everyone talks too much! Super Moderators   3959 Posts   Joined 12.6 Years Ago  

Posted 18 May 2012 - 08:15 AM

Why does wombat say bread's done?
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#5906 west goat   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   9 Posts   Joined 8.5 Years Ago  

west goat

Posted 18 May 2012 - 11:20 PM

Why does wombat say bread's done?

Every podcast Wombat carries dough on his back. The podcast is over when the dough is hot enough/baked, thus the bread is done. I think.

Will you be Audiobooing more at E3 this year? Those were very interesting.

I also hope you will bring a camera and film a normal walk of the show floor. I just want to see what you see on the floor, not the fancy, overproduced 2 minute clips everyone else puts up.

#5907 Ultramontane   Kuato Lives! CAGiversary!   138 Posts   Joined 7.6 Years Ago  


Posted 21 May 2012 - 05:57 PM

This question is for Rambat;

I had to do it.. sorry.

Great show keep it up!

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#5908 Backlash   www.thecoverproject.net CAGiversary!   4792 Posts   Joined 12.2 Years Ago  

Posted 21 May 2012 - 06:56 PM

Every podcast Wombat carries dough on his back. The podcast is over when the dough is hot enough/baked, thus the bread is done. I think.

How did you come up with that? Here's the real answer: http://www.cheapassg...84&postcount=11

#5909 thorbahn3   Everyone talks too much! Super Moderators   3959 Posts   Joined 12.6 Years Ago  

Posted 22 May 2012 - 05:39 AM

Cheapy, did you read Batman Venom yet? Just ordered it today on amazon and I was wondering what you thought.
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#5910 detectiveconan16   Limoncello Freshness CAGiversary!   6574 Posts   Joined 9.5 Years Ago  


Posted 22 May 2012 - 10:48 AM

CheapyD looks like you'll need to wrap your wallet in foil soon, since the newer Gaijin cards will have IC chips.