CAGcast #192: Mustering a Modicum of Nape

Good show...

Shipwreck doesn't like Metro 2033.

But he likes Divinity II , so it shouldn't be a big surprise I guess.
Ouch Cheapy.... I think you made Wombat feel like crap. Congrats on the weight loss Wombat.

The playstation move commercial was hella funny when he made the gun firing noise about Natal.
Wombat News!!!!! Wombat News!!! Need a seperate segment for Wombat news!!! Cheapy talks to much SHIT!!!!!! Leave Wombat alone!!! congrats on the weight loss!!!! Wombat and Shipwreck are assets to CAG!!! Love u guys!!! San Dimas High School football rules!!!!!!!
Really liked the show, and thought that discussions were interesting whilst humour was mixed in nicely. Wombat, in regards to your Wii remote problems, why don't you purchase the Wii Light Gun, it is a piece of plastic similar to the Mario Kart wheel, and your remote snaps in to the top and the nunchuck forms the back handle, thus forming a gun shaped controller, which could solve your problem. Hope I helped!
Hey Ship, a couple of episodes back you were talking about how movers stole your transformers... I feel your pain. When my family and I moved from Ohio to Las Vegas, we had shippers ship us our stuff a couple of years later and they stole me and my brother's entire transformer collections. We used to have 2 Omega Supremes, and when finally got our stuff, all was left was one pair of his hands that formed the rocket. Back when we moved, Transformers weren't worth anything, they probably just stole and gave it to their own kids.
Good show overall, I am a bigger fan of the cagcast since Shipwreck joined, his gaming tastes are more aligned with mine than either Cheapy or Wombat. I want to counter shipwreck's Metro opinions but I can't until I play it. I am just guessing that the 360 version kind of blows, the PC version is the only one to play with games like Metro, The Witcher, STALKER, ect.
lmao at Wombat actually thinking anyone is going to believe he weighs less than 200lbs.
I've seen pictures of Wombat and unless he's 5 ft tall there is no way he weighs less than 200 lbs. Embrace your chunkiness, do not hide from it.
Yes, I think it would be excellent to add Shipwreck to the Cagcast logo- but Wombat should remain as is, the anthropomorphized hair is enough on its own.
This week's been a brutal one for rendering out a Blu-Ray at work. CAGcast has been a glorious way to get through it.

On the Metro tropic, I'm curious as to why (and I'm completely stereotyping here) eastern bloc devs seem to really scale up the inaccuracy of firearms in their games.
I didn't know Wombats liked Hot Pockets XD

Kickass looks interesting, I loved Watchmen and this seems (slightly) similar to it in terms of violence.
Another great show. I am glad that Shipwreck is now an official member of the CAGCast. I used to love listening to Foreplay. You should let Mrs. Shipwreck come on every once and a while.
Welcome aboard (all official-like), Shipwreck! If it's motivated Cheapy to update the podcast graphic, it must be for real. ;)

Great episode, guys.
If Wombat is going to stay an anthropomorphized wombat in the logo, then perhaps Shipwreck should be an anthropomorphized boat crash. Just my two cents.
Another great episode. I've listened to every episode since #1 first aired. I feel bad, after Boatcrash's comment that he enjoys the comments, that I don't comment more. I'll have to fix that!

I also noticed that Wombat is much more enjoyable since he got ripped on a couple episodes ago. Much appreciated. You're great Wombat, just not when you're overly an ASS.
Being behind on podcasts after a week of travel last week has one huge advantage -- 2 CAG casts in one week.

Also, the episode 0 thing would be really cool for CAG, but its a lot of work. Joystick has a "Podcast Appreciation Group" called JPAG that put this together for them. I've listed to Joystick since 1/09 and they were talking about it around that time -- so this was a huge effort. Perhaps CAG can have a CAG Cast Appreciation Group do the work for them. Call it CAGCAG :)
I laughed out loud when you were talking about reading the show comments at work Wombat. Laughed out loud because I could relate to a hot pocket and CAG being the highlight of my average shitty day. have no idea how good you have it.....or maybe you do.

Damn good show guys. Love to hear from you every week. Thanks.
I would rather eat a cheap paper towel than a lean pocket. But then again I'm a 33 year old binge drinker who still lives with his parents so what do I know.

I know that my wash will be done
Good show guys. I was curious with all of the big titles from Microsoft being leaked or confirmed to be releasing before the holiday season, Do you think Microsoft has something big up its sleeve for the holiday season besides natal?
E3 is coming up quick, and I have to imagine that their entire keynote can't be about natal. They usually have at least one big surprise for us core gamers.

Keep up the good work, you guys keep me entertained for a fews hours a week during my monotonous office job
lol @ the ferret bit. The lean pocket bit had me rolling.

Hope someone puts together another highlight episode. I am really enjoying the Joystiq Zero episode. It's fun to revisit all the jokes.
good to hear that shipwreck will be a permanent fixture on your show from here on in. not to knock you 2 but he adds alot of quality and professionalism to the show not to mention he seems to favor facts over pull random bits of halfassed logic out of thin air and hoping its correct. good decision and good show.
Great show as always! I started listening to the Cagcast years ago because I needed something to listen to at the gym. I'm still listening and still exercising, its been a great motivator. I'm 33, used to weigh 190, now am at a solid 180...nothing too dramatic but its better than putting it on. Keep at it Cheapy, before too long you can form a good habit, and then it gets hard NOT to go work out.
Another really strong episode, in my opinion. I think Wombat's furry likeness is a keeper for the record.

And I was laughing so hard at Cheapy's impersonations of Wombat's co-workers. "It's a whole new yoouuuuuu!".

Keep up the good work!
Felt like a weird episode to me with all the random tangents. I enjoyed it as always though.

Oh and when Wombat started singing "map pack, map pack" to the tune of Dora's "backpack" song, I nearly lost it at work. I HATE that show so. much.
It's a shame to hear Metro 2033 was so janky. Getting sniped by an opponent who is out of visibility behind cover and a headshot at point blank range with a shotgun not killing a guy are just absurd, especially coming from guys who have been making FPS games for so long. Then again, these are the STALKER people. Jankyness is in their genes.
Wii control is the future. 2 hands apart is much more comfortable. Wii pointing is much more accurate and more exciting shooting experience. You still have your buttons and your dpad and your analog stick. On top of you have some motion control.

And contrary to the opinion of someone on the show who hasn't played the Wii for more than a few minutes, you don't have to hold your arm straight out at the TV when playing a game like Metroid Prime. You rest the wiimote on your lap or on the couch. Works perfect and there isn't any more fatigue than pressing buttons and moving analog sticks. Maybe less.

And now by no means is the wiimote design perfect. And it doesn't mean you can't add buttons or improve upon it. But it is the future. The wiimote shows that it can maintain the functionality of a gamepad and yet introduce new functionality that adds to the experience.
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It's funny that Cheapy gets exhausted from holding a Wii Remote and nunchuck in his lap, so I hope the gym helps you be able to hold your controllers for longer. I really doubt you'd ever give Move a shot even if there were games you were interested in since you've clearly made your disinterest in the entire idea of Move and Natal known for the past month or so. The only reason you'd ever buy it is so you can talk more about it.

I don't know if it's already on the Mac through PopCap, but Plants vs. Zombies would be a great game to get even if you're not a huge PC player since it's $10 on Steam. You'd probably be better off not getting TF2 with your multiplayer "issues," Wombat.

Decent show.

[quote name='Wombat']game sharing is not illegal and is condoned by Sony.[/QUOTE]
Do you have a link to somebody from Sony outwardly supporting it within the past two years? Or do you operate under the impression that if they said it once, they support it for the rest of time.
I would appreciate it if the name of the game being talked about would be mentioned once more in the middle or end of the conversation. I listen while driving and sometimes miss hearing what game is being talked about and don't have the ability to easily rewind to catch it.
Oh....I forgot to mention....I totally agree with your assessment of reviewers and websites. Reviewers (and personalities in general) can definitely build a brand for themselves......Gurstman is the poster boy for that argument. You guys too. IGN is the poster boy for the opposite. I used to love IGN but I've lost all credibility. They're all glitz and no personality. Every review is an 8. It's fucking stupid. I can't derive anything from them. I think they're trying to sell ads or their fanboy nerds who get so caught up in the new shit they can't see it for what it's worth. Just because something's new or different doesn't make it good. Shitbox and BM will prove that. I'm going to start a website called The Everyday Gamer. If it sucks...I'll say it sucks. No hype. Fanboys will be banished.
Good show, guys. Ship is still awesome, but I think Wombat stepped up his game this week.

As for Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Personal Trainer: Walking, those games are on a special infrared game card which connects to their pedometer peripherals.
I vote for a WereWombat...

I've enjoyed the show a whole lot better since Ship joined the cast. It just seems to flow better and there's more game talk. Keep up the great work!
In for the contest.

I lol'd about Hot Pockets, and how Wombat is eating them and yet is losing weight?

Also, Cheapy, really? You get "tired" while playing MP3? That's nuts, man.
Awesome show guys, just listened to ep 101 after hearing about it on the show, very funny!
bread's done