Xbox One on the way. DRM removed, more details to come.

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Not sure exactly how much they are going to cram into 2 hours (if Nelson's post show is at 3pm eastern time), but it seems Fifa and Forza are a lock with potential of COD: Ghosts and the new Respawn stuff. If the Major thought making a reveal without a console was stupid, expect to see the box and details of what it can do.

I'm expecting more focus on the media side of it than the gaming though. But we'll see here in about 10 minutes...
[quote name='spoo']I thought I read that this will only be 60 minutes long.[/QUOTE]

If it's only an hour, which I heard originally, than I REAAAALLY don't know what all they will cram into this show.

I only figured 2 hours based on the Major Nelson thing on the previous page.
[quote name='shrike4242']Shrike can tell time. For the reason below:

You have to warm up before you get into a long session of fapping, right?[/QUOTE]


All right, now fapping can commence in one minute. ;)
I'll be honest, for someone who has NO intentions of buying a next gen console, I'm kinda looking forward to this announcement.
[quote name='myl0r']I'll be honest, for someone who has NO intentions of buying a next gen console, I'm kinda looking forward to this announcement.[/QUOTE]

I was until about 5 minutes ago. Actually thinking about it, I don't feel it's going to live up to my expectation for gaming (the conference, not the system itself). So I'm trying to dial down my expectations.
Xbox One? Well, I don't recall anyone thinking they were calling it that...

Not to mention, they really are taking the "box" part of the design seriously.
[quote name='tylerh1701']Some of this stuff is cool, but not really what I'm looking for...[/QUOTE]

But wait, it plays games too!

[quote name='pitfallharry219']That call was so fake.[/QUOTE]

This whole interaction has been faked. He's been selling it pretty well but there's no way that's an actual working Xbox One and new kinect he's interacting with.
[quote name='pitfallharry219']That call was so fake.[/QUOTE]

Lol. This really is coming off like an E3 conference.

So far, nothing is really standing out. This is kind of what everyone was expecting it to do...
Focus on Kinect hand gestures and voice commands scares me. Also, what was so hard about changing input once in a while? Hah.

All I can think of is the price of Gold, the irritating ads, and the tweens and teens yelling at the screen. Can they do anything about that?
Is this thing going to be compatible with shitty cable companies? I mean solving the shitty HD Cable box problem is a really good plan for MS. It takes like 5 seconds to change a channel with Cablevision HD.

Also unifying Netflix/Amazon/Hulu search would be cool. I think there are already boxes that do that.

I want to see some games though. PS4 didn't really wow me with content.
I get the name, but it's still kind of lame. The system has tons of potential. I especially like how you could go to live TV without reaching for a remote. Add a DVR feature and I'm in.
[quote name='vlv723']500GB? WTF. Should be a 1TB at least.[/QUOTE]

Upgrades will be available, I'm sure.

For a price.

congratulations microsoft youve shown us how tv works!! nice to know theyve gotten ahold of the paint chips nintendo was eating when they named the wii u
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