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The Gamestop Thread

Gamestop GS Weekly Gamestop Deals Gamestop Thread

#31951 Hypebeast69  


Posted Today, 06:00 AM

It’s GameStop just order from somewhere else. He could be bs’ing you but at the same time ur store could have a lot of pre orders and it depends on which edition ur getting.

If you’re getting standard edition there should be plenty. Look at last of us. I think they’re trying to make as much as possible cuz of covid. Special edition and collectors edition should be a bit rare. Should still be able to find collectors editions if you look really hard since it’s not a cheap one lol

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Posted Today, 06:26 AM

Don't believe them. Niche titles like Catherine, sure...but not AAA games. The several copies of Last of Us 2 sitting on the shelf since release say otherwise. If you are desperate to buy it new from GS, just order it online.

The store I shop at only has 2 copies left for sale with both being preorders not picked up (1 $60 version & 1 $80 version.)