CAG Niche Backloggers Anonymous (Monster Hunter World!) [February]

Sorry guys I tried. I am skipping this month's :( Oh well time to play moero chronicle. Excuse me while I panty raid some dungeons.
New to this thread :)

What is the backlog game of the month? For some reason the voting poll doesn't show up on my computer screen
Yeah, its Steins;Gate. The info is also on the first page of the thread as well. The reason the voting doesn't show up here is because the polls are bugged, so I emptied them. Voting always comes at the end of the month in a new thread.

Well my game just crashed. When I started it back up, I accidentally hit the start button instead of the load button. Idk what exactly happened but all my saves are gone. I had just started chapter 3 too.

Edit: just tried to fast forward through a chunk of the game and save again, but it crashed my entire system and forced my vita to restart. When I opened the game it said my save is corrupted. I guess I'll just delete the game and try to reinstall it. Hope this doesn't happen to any of you.
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That sounds terrible about your corrupted data. Hate when that happens.

Hope everyone else is having a good time with their virtual novel. I've actually never read any VNs.

I've just been grinding away in Persona 1 waiting for next month's game. Grind, grind, grind. Oh well, back to grinding...sigh...

Wow that saved data trouble sounds awful, it actually scared me since I have the same problem where I press start too fast instead of load. Made a couple more saves and uploaded them to PS+.

Finally got to Chapter 4, I have to say, the writing in the game is fantastic. Gives you a lot of room and repetition for explaining the harder science-y theories and concepts. There's a lot of difficult science in it like the chaos theory or Hund's rule, but they slow down during those segments and offer a creative example. The in-game glossary is great too. I also like the little bits of humor thrown in to separate the large stretches of seriousness.

I really like Mayuri's voice in this one, I remember finding it annoying in the anime, but here she is the only character I listen to the dialogue completely.

I like Moeka too, her personality reminds me a lot of myself. 
I don't really like holding conversations in real life, and prefer typing stuff out. Usually due to my accent and lisp. I also hate phone conversations and would rather resort to text and whatsapp for everything.

I promised something cool last week so here it is: (Not really that cool)


I don't really know why I buy pointless stuff like this... Same for the magazine and I can't read a word of it. There's also a 1/8th of Kurisu or something but it's like $150.

Another thing I noticed is that the art style is a lot like Black Rock Shooter. The character's eyes have concentric arcs around them, and the color style is a bit like water-painted. 

Never really played Visual Novels before, I tried Katawa Shoujo once but gave up in like 15 minutes. This one is interesting though, makes you feel like you're a part of that world. I think the cellphone in game really does the trick for engaging me into the story.

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I guess I kinda see BlackRockWaifu being like Moeka. An eccentric personality on CAG, but kinda quiet on mic when we play overwatch together :p

Also on topic, I reinstalled the game and fast forwarded to around where I was in chapter 3. The game moves much faster than I expected when you hold down the R button. Needless to say I am gonna go upload my saves to the cloud regardless.
Finally got to Chapter 6! Wow... crazy stuff. I gotta say, now that I'm playing through the game, I really wish I hadn't watched the anime before. Maybe send a Dmail to myself to stop me. Would've been so much nicer to experience some events first hand, and there's also a lot of events and reveals I'm anticipating and I know it shouldn't be intended like that. So I'm going to avoid the Steins;Gate movie and sequel at all cost until I play the next game.

Don't read unless finished Chapter 5 or watched the anime.

Great... they managed to make me hate my favorite character Moeka. I remember that she was up to no good from the anime, but she seems really evil this time around. Also, the black latex suit thing was really cool and sexy. Reminds me of the thing Mitsuru wears in P4A.

I have to say, bravo to the voice actors/actresses. I don't know a word of Japanese, but they convey their emotions so well, like they are oscar-winning performances. I also love a few of the repeated phrases, Mayuri's ("Tutturu!, ehehe..."), Kurisu's ("eh?"), and Okabe's ("Muahahahahaha!") Especially Okabe's laugh, that shit gets me every time.

Highly recommend this game if you haven't started already, especially with the sequel coming out. And if you are debating on watching the anime first to get to the sequel, I highly advise against it. I might do a dual game next month, if people want to continue this game since it seems kinda long, as well as introduce a new game next month. I might do that as a regular thing from now on, since it seems discussion has gotten a little quiet.

I also thought the game was going to be short but after like 30 hours I just arrived at Ch 9.

The game goes into way more detail than the anime. I also hate knowing what's going to happen because I saw the anime. Although everyone having their own ending makes it better and some of them are great.

Wow, I just beat the damn game. I mean I got one of the endings but I have no idea where to go to change the story. I don't even remember making any choices unless it was replying to the emails, which were way too much to count. I also saved randomly, so I don't even know which save to load to redo my choices. That really pisses me off, they should've made it easier to know what the hell was going on. Not to mention getting a horrible ending which only adds to my frustration. I was really liking the game but I just feel lost now, and I don't want to start from scratch. At least the Neptunia games have a New Game plus, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 actively kept track. I don't know, it's late and I'm just disappointed the game ended like that. /end rant. Sorry.

Did you get the suzuha ending? I was stumped for a second before I realized I had to whip my phone out and send a message instead of just mashing x like usual.
Yeah every time you don't send a D-mail it's a different ending. After your first ending there's a sign at the end of messages to let you know when to answer or send emails.

Thanks, so I guess I'll have to go back to my last save before he makes the decision right? 

Ugh, the last manual save I made was the shower scene, and that's a long way back. Hopefully a quick save has what I need. Speaking of which, the Suzuha ending was really disturbing...


Also, shoutouts to the Groundhog Day mention. Favorite Bill Murray movie for sure.

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It auto-saves after every chapter, just check your quick-loads. Also it moves really fast when you skip. Press start and it skips whatever you've already read.  It automatically stops when you get a message or call.

I like the idea of this, maybe I'll join in.

Ni No Kuni is also a game I never finished.

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Welcome to the new people. Always better to have more.

My suggestions:

SAO Re: Hollow

Persona 4 Golden

Ni no Kuni

Awesome! Bunch of newcomers into the thread. This kind of confirms a hunch of mine that a lot of people on CAG would probably be interested but don't know or frequent this part of the forum. So please spread the word if you can, thank you!

Seeing that September starts Midweek, next week, we can begin suggestions now, and I'll open up a poll on Friday, and end it on Sunday night.

If you are new here, this is the gist of things (also in the OP): 3 Suggestions a month per person, top 3 games suggested will go into the poll, in the event of a draw, top 5 will be chosen. Voting for the Backlog Game of the month will be done in another thread, while discussion continues here. So I'll start tallying up your suggestions now. Suggestion period until Friday night.

Also, seeing as how long Steins;Gate is (and all our BA games so far) I decided to try something new. The previous month's game will be extended by a month, while we start on a new game as well. So we will constantly have two games active for people to finish up (if they need more time) and start on (if they finished early).

Once again, this is really a concept-sort of thing, and I am always open for suggestions on how to improve it. If you guys don't like the double-game idea, feel free to say so, and we can come up with a better idea. Thanks!

Edit: My 3 suggestions are: P4G, Black Rock Shooter, Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend

Tallies so far:

Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment 1
Persona 4 Golden 3
Ni no Kuni 2
Catherine 1
Yakuza 5 1
Monster Monpiece 1
Black Rock Shooter 1
Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend 1
Virtue's Last Reward 1
Trails of Cold Steel 1
Xenoblade Chronicles X 1
Akiba's Trip 1
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Really wanted to finish Criminal Girls 1....and I did it today...may start on Steins;Gate next month as I'm a bit burned out on VNs right now. Played a really boring one recently.

You could make that your suggestion?

I got the plat in Steins;Gate. I can post proof if needed.
Its up to you, I haven't gotten to the SS for other games yet, but I'll get to them eventually. I have no idea how to take a screen shot off a Vita though, while for PS4 its just the share button.

SAO Hollow Re
Nights of Azure
Yakuza 5 [but I'm cheating since I'm already a few hours in]
That's fine, I have a few hours off P4G as well, but haven't played it since January, definitely want to get back into the game. I feel like its harder to continue a game that you've started and left for a long time, than to start something completely fresh. So I'm very into the idea of finishing a game off a backlog that you've already started. Also, I think Yakuza 5 might be a PS+ freebie this month right? Would be perfect for a lot of us if we have the subscription.

This is the tallies so far:


Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment


Persona 4 Golden


Ni no Kuni




Yakuza 5


Monster Monpiece


Black Rock Shooter


Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend


Virtue's Last Reward


Trails of Cold Steel


Xenoblade Chronicles X


Akiba's Trip


Nights of Azure


Yakuza 5


Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness


Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-


Please suggest 3 games if you haven't done so already and want to. I'm probably going to end the tallies and make the poll tomorrow morning, since it seems a little quiet this month. I haven't see Whoknows, Midori Monkey, WhirlWindMonk, and a few other regulars vote yet, so I'll give it a bit more time.

I think you listed yakuza 5 twice with 1 vote each time in the final tally, but both myself and one other person requested it. Probably doesn't matter though. Looks like other games are more popular this month.
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I think you listed yakuza 5 twice with 1 vote each time in the final tally, but both myself and one other person requested it. Probably doesn't matter though. Looks like other games are more popular this month.
Sorry you're right, I completely messed up. I edited the poll and choices again, should be (Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment/(PS4/Vita)/Persona 4 Golden (Vita/PS2)/Ni no Kuni (PS3)/Nights of Azure (PS4)/Yakuza 5 (PS3)) now.

I think anyone should be able to delete their vote and revote, I've never done it before, but looking at the poll choices, it should be possible. I'll remake it if it doesn't work. I'm glad you mentioned it because I'm so burned out on JRPGs and such recently that an open-world brawler would be great. Damn I need an assistant or something.

Edit: And indeed Yakuza 5 is free on PS+ this month.

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Alrighty, P4G wins! I updated the OP. Don't forget, Steins;Gate is also active this month so we have two games in case you didn't finish it.

As for myself, I never beat P4G or the original P4. I'm up to I think Naoto's level, but I gave up such a long while ago I kind of forgot most of what I was supposed to do and the story thus far. So hopefully it won't be too far in for me to remember. The game is also supposedly 70 hours long to beat... which is way too much. I don't even think Naoto's point is halfway yet either. 

I just started it. I really thought it had Japanese voices so really disappointed in that area. Also I really don't like how they say Ju-nes instead of Junes. Really great cutscenes and art though. The music is awesome too, love the intro.

Also Rise best girl.

Starting my Platinum Trophy run for P4G. The toughest trophy seems to be the one for hearing 250 of Rise's lines, so I'm gonna try and power thru the early part of the game until Rise joins the group.

Other than that, most of the other trophies I'm missing don't seem too tough.

Oh, and Chie is bae, even with the bad VA.

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My first playthru I did a few months ago was right at 90-hours, so it isn't a short game if you're taking the time to enjoy the story and doing all the stuff required for maxing social links and so forth.

My second playthru so far has been rather quick since I'm fast-forwarding thru most of the story stuff and focusing only on a handful of social links, since I already have the trophy for maxing those out. Already finished the first dungeon. I'm trying to stay low level, because its harder to get some of Rise's navigation lines if you're too over-leveled.

Finally made it to Rise's dungeon. My MC is only level 10, so all the shadows are huge and I'm sure I'll die many times as I make my way to the final boss. Once I get to the secret base and rescue Naoto, I'll start grinding for the navigation lines for the trophy.

I'm at 5/20 in game, I'm rather enjoying it so far.

The opening was a bit frustrating in only that it was so long before I could control the flow. As I learned last month I'm not a visual novel guy.

Interested to see where the plot goes.
I'm also at 5/20. Does anyone know what the purpose of the dog at the riverbank in the evening is? He's always just digging.

bread's done